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I’m writing this as I random-dial stargates in Second Life for lack of anyplace to go. Every so often I seem to get into one of these moods – I want to do something, but don’t know what.  I want to hang with people but don’t know who or where.  It’s like this itch in the back of the mind that I just can’t quite scratch.

It usually seems to strike when I’m between “projects” as such, or the end of one is in sight and I don’t have another already in mind.  I detailed in a previous post how I got a bunch of crap done during my vacation at the end of the year.  I’ve done as much organization of my place as I can until it’s about time to move into whatever place I end up moving into.  I actually am synchronizing my SF, FA, and Weasyl galleries, but I’m doing it paced, and I’ve only got 3 story series left before that’s done.  I could go finish sorting my art, but I just think of how much there is and lose motivation.

Mention of a possible alt run in my WoW guild did get me moving a bit on my mage, but I finished all the available dungeons, and I’m still 88, and don’t feel fussed enough to quest right now on that toon and do the same tasks for the 10th time.  I’m caught up on all my shows.

I got nothin’.

I thought maybe I’d hop on SL a bit, maybe hang out, but IoW still doesn’t have much in the way of hangouts.  I got to hang with some tinies and hatchies playing a game of Aggrivation while I caught this week’s MLP ep, but they all moved on, and like I mentioned before, outside IoW I have no idea where to go, being a scaly dragon type.  I’m not looking for medieval RP or random sex, and all the old dragon hangouts are mostly gone.  Almost all my old furry hangouts are too.

And thus, dialing random stargates and seeing where I end up.  So far, I’ve encountered one good build:  A recreation of Twilight Town on par with that of Midgard in the sim of the same name.  Coincidentally, that’s the only place I’ve run into people actually talking anywhere nearby.

I hate feeling like this.

I could just go to bed, but that also feels like a waste.  There’s plenty of day(even if no daylight) left!  If I could just figure out what to do.  It’s like slogging through a quagmire looking for the way out of the forest when you don’t know which way is north.  So I figured maybe if I start writing something it’ll get it out of my system or at least point me in the right direction.

One thing I did read today that resonated with me was someone else complaining about loneliness, but with the caveat that he’s actually usually happy when alone, and he has plenty of friends and such, but it doesn’t help.  Someone else responded that loneliness can actually come from two different things: either you’re looking for more connections with other people(which people usually assume it is) or deeper connections.  It seems like most people just dismiss the second completely, leading to the “I’ve got all the friends in the world, so why am I lonely?” quandry.

On looking back, I feel I definitely fit in the latter category.  I’m a bit of an introvert, so lots of friends has never been my thing. Looking back at times I’ve felt lonely, it’s usually because I haven’t had those deeper friendships(or more) at that time, or at least said friends weren’t around.  If a dragon cries out but no one hears, does anyone care?

I’ve also never been big on big groups for the same reason.  Smaller groups are great; I can hang with them, listen to the conversation and join in when I have something to say, whether intelligent or just a bad pun. And we all know bad puns are the best kind!

It’s also kind of funny how many places in SL will fit a dragon, even if it might be a bit cramped.  It seems like it’s only rarely that I end up somewhere where I’d be hitting my head or pokeing up into the next floor above, even though most stuff is built for a human frame.

I also think I might be a bit prejudiced against humans and near-humans in SL. 😮  Part of that though is because a lot of people with normal human avs are walking around with a cork and two sequins, placement optional, in proportions that either are ultimate supermodel, or teetering on the edge of uncanny valley.  The other part I guess may be a bit of subconscious “if you can be anything you want, why limit yourself?”  That could easily go the other way as well though, and I bet that if I hung around in some of the places with humans and near-humans being the majority, that they might look askance at my draconity… once they get past how awesome an av it is, that is!

Then there’s also the groups that assume its roleplay.  For some people the idea of being yourself meaning being something other than human is hard to get a grasp on, I guess the same way I see about people who just take their RL look and tweak it in SL.  But it is what it is, and I know that too, even if it bugs me on some level.  I know it’s not fair, but that doesn’t stop it anyways, though I’m pretty good at burying it.

In other news, I’m working on getting more artses.  Found out one of the artists on my list actually is open for work, and just waiting to hear back now.  With moving on hold and being caught up on Transformers until HTS gets the new stuff in, I got plenty of money for art again.

While I’m ranting, I’m going to admit I don’t get what’s so hot about YCH(Your Character Here) auctions.  95% of the time it’s a mostly finished picture of two folks porking and all that’s done is instead of the artist having to come up with a species/markings set, he just recolors it like whomever won it.  More power to the artist for making extra bank on something that simple, but I just don’t get it.

Now the other 5% I can understand, and see as fine:  that being there’s some huge crowd scene for a story illustration or something along those lines, and the author is offering cameos to people who might want in.  That, I get.  But random porn with no link to anything, and likely no choice in your “partner” (as the other slot is probably a YCH too)?

Adoptables also fall into that category as well.  I can understand commissioning a character for something, even if I see it as lacking in imagination.  Offering a new species for people to make characters of?  *eyes all the sergals and chakats* Done, and done. But creating a character and selling *rights* to that character?  Selling the artwork is fine, but I don’t think a lot of the people really get it.  First off, the legality of such a thing is shady, but putting that aside, what’s to stop someone else who likes the concept from creating one of their own?  Let me just put this bright pink fox-thing with blue wings over here next to all the other bright pink fox-like things with blue wings.

Maybe I’m just cynical from being a greymuzzle and having been around furry stuff for over 15 years, compared to all the fresh 18-24-somethings glomming onto it all starry-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Some furry types are common for a reason, so when someone likes it and wants to be all “Look at me I’m a special snowflake” they try and twist it, just like all the other snowflakes and end up with something that’s been done 10 times over. Taste the rainbow of fur colors!  Instant demon/dragon/other-badass, just add horns, or bat/dragon wings.

Yes, I realize the irony of a blue dragon with foxish(or Eastern dragon, depending on perspective) features complaining about this.  I didn’t choose it to be different, I went with it because it felt natural and like myself.  I’m also sure there are furs out there that ended up with a somewhat common form from the same reasoning.  You’ll have to forgive me though if I don’t believe that when you have a fox-cat-skunk-dragon that looks like a box of crayons threw up on it.  There’s a term for that sort of fursona, but I can’t recall it right now, or enough of it to google up the term.

Damn, I sound old and crotchety, don’t I?  Like I should be waving a shotgun and telling them damn kids to get off my lawn.  Meh, who needs a shotgun when you’re like 20 feet tall, armored with scales, and have teeth and claws? 😀  Forget the breath weapon though, that’s never really gelled well with me – to the point I joke about the “IoW Spirit” one I use in my av as my breath just being minty fresh.

I guess that’s enough ranting for now.  I’m feeling better, and it’s time to post the next batch of stories.  Oh, and Singles Awareness Day is coming up, so remember to hit the stores the day after for lots of cheap chocolate!

Super Hero (Death) Time

I really wouldn’t want to be a japanese kid this past weekend.  In an unusual coincidence, pretty much every show of Toei’s Super Hero Time block had a major character or characters die.  I only watch three of them myself, and out of those, only one was a “heroic” sacrifice.  Spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you watch Saint Seiya Omega, Kyoryuger, or Gaim.


Still with me?



OK.  SSO is in its endgame, going through miniboss level opponents on their way to Pallas(and the opponent manipulating her and Athena).  The group in the lead, consisting of 5 Gold Saints and Athena, run into one of the two major minibosses still left.  They split up with one group holding Hyperion(the BBG) off while Saggitarius Seiya, Athena, and Taurus Harbinger run past.  So that left Hyperion facing Libra Shiryu, Aires Kiki, and Virgo Fudo.  Shiryu is not only the father of one of the main characters, but also one of the main 5 from the original Saint Seiya series.  Kiki wasn’t a main, but he did also come from the original series.  Fudo was just introduced last season.

Now they try, but he’s curbstomping them in traditional Saint Seiya style, since he’s supposed to have the power of 3 Gold Saints.  They decide it’s time to use the forbidden technique, Athena Exclamation, to defeat him as they can’t handle him on their own.  This technique was forbidden ebcause ti was supposed to be equivalent to a miniature Big Bang and has the abilty to destroy small nations. (lolPowerLevels).  So they pull it off, but Hyperion’s Cosmo is pwoerful enough he holds it at a stalemate – but the collision causes a backlash which is supposed to kill them all.

A heroic sacrifice is a fitting(and traditional) way for Gold Saints to die, but I’m still sort of surprised they had the balls to kill Shiryu, one of the original Legendary Saints and a fan favorite.(To be fair, they did kill Phoenix Ikki in a previous episode, but he’s supposed to be able to revive from death.  Shiryu isn’t.)

I can’t remember what shows come after SSO but from what I heard they lost major characters too.  then comes Kyoryuger.

Kyoryuger is in its final home stretch too, which as with most sentai involves the heroes getting curbstomped so they can come back and win through courage/justice/what-have-you.  In this case however, the father of the current KyoRyuRed, who had helped them several times and was firmly on the side of good, did a face-turn and betrayed them.  Not only that, but in the process he killed their mentor(and his friend) Torin without even a twitch, then to add insult to injury took Torin’s equipment and used it like he was still on the side of good!  Talk about a gut punch.  But that was nothign compared to Kamen Rider Gaim.

Now Gaim is being written by Urobotchi, who was a big fan of early heisei Rider so he’s been  writing in that direction. He also has a certain reputation thanks to an anime called Madoka Magica that earned him the name Urobutcher.  On the other hand, he was writing about fruity samurai warlord Riders.  (Literally!  They transform using fruit-shaped locks that get “cut” open and drop giant fruits on their heads that becomes armor.  And it uses dancing street gangs as stand-ins for the Warring States period in Japan.)  So, there was a feeling it might be coming, but this past weekend’s episode took a very very dark turn.

In recent episodes, one of the Riders had gotten his belt damaged by a Rider working for the usual “Evil” organization. Because of this, he lost respect among his gang and was abandoned by them, which sent him into a spiral.  This isn’t even the dark part, though.

You see, the locks come from these strange plants from another world, but the fruit only turns into a Lock Seed if it’s picked by a Rider wearing one of the Sengoku belts(their transformation devices).  The breaks in reality that the monsters had been coming through that the Riders had been fighting usually also have some plants come through, but Yggdrasil(the organization mentioned earlier) had been burning them.  Well, Hase, the aforementioned depressed Rider, comes across Gaim, Baron, and the Yggdrasil rider, and sees the plants.  He snaps and eats one – and BECOMES one of the monsters they’ve been fighting!

This is immediately followed up by one of the other riders, Ryuga, finding out that the monster that Gaim killed in the first episode was the transformed form of Gaim’s missing best friend, and he ahd eaten one of those same fruits!  Gaim doesn’t find this out, but he knows this monster is Hase so pleads with him to try and get him to turn back, and he half-does but he’s still acting like a monster.  After an episode worth of running around, and people getting hurt, a new batch of Yggdrasil riders show up, and one of them kills the transformed Hase, while Gaim is all “but he’s human!”  And that’s after 13 episodes of building up Hase as one of the major secondary characters.

Yeah, like I said, I don’t envy those Japanese children for getting hit with constant gut-punches for two and a half hours like that, especially when some like Hase and Torin were pointless, or even betrayals. Just, damn.

Law And Order: Magical Victims Unit

Well the new season of anime has started across the ocean, and I”m not really finding much to interest me thus far as far as new shows.  Then again, I don’t really keep up with them like I did back in college.

The first one I picked up was Buddy Complex.  The premise is giant robots where the two pilots sync up to power up, and time travel.  The first episode took heavy cues from Terminator, plot-wise, then threw the protagonist into the future, at which point it feels like it’s become Gundam Lite with added “random engrish hinting at teh gay!” tossed in.  So far it hasn’t lost me, but now that the plot is in motion we’ll see what happens, since it’s supposed to be a short series.

The other one I just found out about tonight led tot he title of this post.  It’s called Wizard Barristers and the best description so far is action wizard paralegals in the near future. It takes the procedural style of all the various “law” shows, adds in magic and the usual “energetic child prodigy” stereotype, who has a perverted frog for a familiar.  And did I mention they can summon giant magic golems? I’ve never been big into the “law” shows, but I’ll give this one a couple episodes to decide, I guess.  So far it hasn’t turned me off of it, but it’s one of those I just don’t quite know what to make of it.

And older series I’m watching?  Pretty much the only anime still airing is Saint Seiya Omega, which is rumored to wrap up in about 11 more episodes.

There’s also Juuden Sentai Kyouryuger, which is also close to ending, and so far I doubt I’ll be following it’s sequel.  If so, this’ll be the first sentai since Go-Onger I’ve skipped.  On the other hand, I have Kamen Rider Gaim to carry me through that, as it’s feeling a hell of a lot like early Heisei rider, and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It’s got a good 30-40 episodes left.

And then there’s that new Sailor Moon anime… wonder if they’ll work form the manga or try to tell a new story.  Well, we’ll see.

*strokes ego*

Llewelyn by Leilryu


Leilryu wasn’t originally on my “to get art from” list, but after his great icon, I just had to get a real piece when he opened up again.  Look at me, aren’t I awesome?  To paraphrase a quote I came across elsewhere, confidence is sexy, and what’s more confident than a 20′ tall, scaled, X-breathing, flying creature, full of teeth and claws?  (I say X-breathing because the original quote was fire, and if I did breathe anything besides air, it definitely wasn’t fire.)

There’s still a couple other artists on my list, but they haven’t opened up yet since I started watching.  At least I think they haven’t…. Asyd Rayn’s been posting some stream sketches lately from Tigerdile, but it looks like those were folks may have already been on her commission list.  Aaros recently got a new tablet, so I may get something from him too, in the near future.  No open CITMON slots yet though from Rastaban. :<

I’m also making decent progress on the story I’m writing.  I just uploaded the first part to SF, the second part is complete, and I’ve started on the third.  I’ve got a fairly good idea where that one will end, and vague ideas for at least 2 more after that – one of those being the ending I’ve had in mind pretty much since the start.  I’ve been making a point to write at least a bit each day so I don’t lose steam, and it seems to be working.  If I complete them all, it’ll be the longest story part-wise that I’ve written so far.  I don’t know about page-wise though, and each part is coming to about 8-9 pages in OOo when I throw it in there to spellcheck.

But now that the first part’s up, we’ll see if it becomes as popular as some of my other series.  I’m still a bit surprised that my stuff made it up to within the top 250 most popular stories of its type on SF!  Even more amusing, one of my stories that has 2/3 the favorites(67 compared to 99) has almost half again as many views(3.2k vs 2.3k), and it’s one I wouldn’t have expected to be that much more often read.

If only I could draw like I can write….

Living Stories

I once read somewhere that some author’s worst challenge is fighting their own characters for control of the story.  As the author writes, the characters tend to take on a life of their own, which can end up changing major plot points.

One example of this(though it shares equal blame with one of his planned plotlines getting moved up) happened in David Weber’s Honorverse books.  At once point in the series, the titular character Honor Harrington was supposed to die in a naval battle.  The story then would have picked up with her children a ways further on in the timeline.  However, when he got to writing that book, he realized that his original plans didn’t fit anymore(not to mention a short story that had come out not too long back had accellerated one of the plots her children were supposed to address) and so she still lives on.

I’m currently in the middle of doing some writing myself, and I’m finding the same thing happening.  In this case I started with a general idea of where I was starting and where it would finish, with the middle mostly nebulous.  I also originally intended for it to be a single stand-alone piece.

As I started writing however, events that I originally hadn’t planned started happening, because it’s what the character would have done.  One part became two, and now I’m thinking it may go for several parts.  Heck, I started the second part with one plotline in mind, but it decided to take a wide swerve to the right and the major event I had planned for it got shelved for an entirely different, but related, one.

When I realized this today, I went back and thought about the previous short series I had written, and the ones I’d started but lost motivation and interest on.  Pretty much almost every series that went to a conclusion(planned or otherwise) are ones where the character came in, kicked me in the shin, and said “Do this.”  In fact, thinking about it now and ignoring the nature of the content, pretty much everything I’ve enjoyed writing has been fairly character-driven rather than plot driven.  The ones I had grand plot plans for but not as good a grasp on characters, such as the story of the mismatched Spelljammer crew, petered out pretty quickly.

The current story I’m writing has a in-universe time limit, and at this point it’s already a few days into the two weeks the whole thing will take place in.I’m not sure how many parts I’m going to end up with yet, but at this point I have to admit I’m probably just as curious as any prospective readers on where this is going to go next.

Speaking of readers, I had been planning to sit on it until I completed it just to make sure I don’t leave any half-finished series floating around.  I hate it when that happens(especially with series I like, such as the “My tutor had six tails” or whatever that series was called).  Now that I’ve figured out what’s driving my writing though, I’m thinking of posting each part once I have the following part completed.  That way it’s still out there, and at the same time I know there’ll be a next part until its done.

I’ve also been asked before to write more about a couple characters here and there from one-shots I’ve written.  I’ve never felt any desire to continue in those cases, and I think that’s why:  their stories are told, and the rest…. is silence.


So last night I got ahold of the Transmetropolitan comic.  Once I started reading it, I had to keep reading, just to see what would happen, as well as a few other reasons.

For one, I sort of feel we’re in this sort of world already these days, minus all the “Posthuman” and “transhumanism” portions of the setting.  Maybe it’s just me being cynical, but then again, the entire comic is one big cyncical story, with a small grain of home buried in it.  Only difference is we don’t have very many “Spider Jeruselem”s in the real world.  There’s been a couple lately, but they’ve been strung up, villified, or had to flee their own country.  It doesn’t help that most of the mass media doesn’t seem to care to take a stand for the truth anymore, either.

Setting aside how we’re sliding into this/Cyberpunk 2020/Shadowrun without magic, another great detail was, well, all the detail in every scene. It seemed like on half the city street scenes I’d have to pause in reading just to look over the entire scene for all the little details and hidden jokes.

One thing I did find funny(though it probably was the correct choice) was the lack of a lot of non-human humans wandering around.  The foglets showed up quite a bit, and the transients based on the “Greys” were a major story focus for a couple arcs, but apart form a couple wolf cameos and a Temp-ing dolphin girl, there was no sign of any furries running around.  (No, I’m not including the police dogs or non-anthro horse, as they aren’t on a humanoid body plan.)  The furry community grew majorly with the internet, and you know that given the option there would probably be a large portion Temp-ing into a anthro animal for at least a while(and given the way the Transmetropoliton world works, dedicated brothels of women gone furry) though it does make sense they may still be heavily outnumbered by normal-looking humans.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  For a no-prize level explanation, perhaps it was because the majority of the story is spent among the lower levels of society, who can’t afford changes like that.

A friend back in college recommended it to me, commenting on that it had to be good to start with “Up a goddamn mountain.”   Still, I somehow never got around to reading it before now, and then I ended up staying up until 3am reading.  Now I just wonder why I never got around to reading it before now.

Shame there’s probably no good way to make a movie out of it ala Sin City.  And the world needs more Spider Jerusalems(though maybe with a bit less asshole-ness).

My muse is a tease

A long while ago, I realized I didn’t have that great a talent for drawing, and mostly gave it up(with a few exceptions here and there under special circumstances).  On the other hand, all the RPing and such I had done online had shown me I was pretty good at being descriptive, so I went that route for the most part and stuck to stories.

I’m really beginning to think now that I should just stick to short stories – when I try anything longer, it tends to die out.  Twice now I’ve had a great idea for a story series, with 4 or 5 at least planned out in advance.  I created characters, worlds, timelines, the works.  In the first case I got two stories done before my muse went chasing after other shinies. On the bright side, the two together come to a decent conclusion of their own, and the ending was “Star Trek episode ending” level of open-ness, so it doesn’t look half-finished unless you’re already aware of the plans I had at the time.

After a couple half-hearted attempts at trying to start the third story, my muse latched on to a different idea.  But this one would be different!  I limited the characters, nailed down an idea of events for each story that were a bit more concrete, even wrote a timeline and enough details about the world that a RPG campaign could be set in it.  I knocked out the first story, but sat on it this time to see if that would help get me to finish it.

So far, the second story has yet to make it past two paragraphs.

Then I write another short story, and knock it out in one shot over a couple hours.

What makes having a muse with ADD even more annoying is I DID wrote a couple series of short stories a few years back that went for 4-5 installments – but in both of those cases none of it was planned out in advance.I did a fairly decent job I think of tying them up too, though I did consider continuing one of them. And again, once I planned it, it never happened. (Two of them did cross over once though, in the form of a quick cameo that someone who’d read both would catch.)

It seems like I do my best when I don’t plan and just let my muse chase her tail.  Any time I try at all to direct her, everything goes to pot.

It doesn’t even seem to happen with series either.  I had a neat idea after I finished my last story, but I still haven’t hit on a good way to put the concepts into play, and my muse is staying stubbornly silent.  It seems like she loves to flash, but doesn’t follow-through after.  It’s starting to feel like I may just have to drop this idea and throw it in the dustbin like a few others that this happened with.

Does anyone sell leashes for muses? Or at least leather straps?

Everything in Its Place

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my longer term projects was organizing my Images folder, containing everything from Autobots to zat-guns.  Most of that is also completed, as I stated earlier, leaving pretty much just the arts of the fur.   The problem is now that I’m torn on how I want to go about it again.

When I first started, I pretty much kept everything segregated by artist.  Great if I wanted to find a certain style, or remembered who did a certain pic, but it was all spread out over many folders, even leaving some with just one or two files.

I got tired of maintaining that, and had gone to more f-chan style, organizing by the content type, and then somewhat by Species.  I say only somewhat because I never finished reorganizing, leaving about half the images in artist folders, and some in the content folders never got sorted by species.  It also doesn’t help I didn’t know how to handle pics with multiple characters.

I didn’t want to have to browse to every folder when I saved files, so I just saved to a New folder to move later.  For a while, this worked, but then I got lazy about this too and eventually filled the new folder with a mixture of all types of images.

This left me with some images in artist folders, some in New, and some in the content folders.  I was stuck on a good way until I recalled that gThumb has tagging capabilities, so when this reorganization started I had planned to go back with the artist folders, tag everything else on the images, and make liberal use of gThumb’s search function.

I got started on that, and then actually began to realize how many images I had.  It’s something I can do over a period of time, but I also had a bunch of art I don’t know the artist for, which I’ve acquired from various sites.  I originally was going to put this under Unknown Artist and go back to content folders under that.

However, I recently came across some discussion of this sort of thing, and one of the ways they sorted theirs was by species.  This would actually be a fairly clean way to do it I think, and provides for better integration of folders for taurs and such things that defy standard classification.  It also may make it easier to find a specific type or art I might want to look for.

If I go this way though, I’d still want to tag the content tags on it, and I’m not sure how I should handle the artist.  I’d still want that information somewhere, but I don’t know if it’d be better to put it in the image metadata or just in the filename(for those images not from FA).  I’m already using the description field in the image metadata to store character information, if it’s a picture of one of the usual commonly commissioned characters, such as Byzil or Slither.

So in short, I went from Point A, to partway to point B, stopped at a rest stop, started to go back to point A, and now I’m looking at an exit ramp to point C and pondering  drive times.

I’ve asked a few times on FA, but since I don’t post much of anything of course I don’t really get much int he way of responses.  I’m seriously considering the last method though – I just need to figure out how to handle artist data.  And do it before my current New folder ends up like my last one. <..<

“D”, DD, and Dragon Myself Around

First off, probably going to get into some mature subject matter, so be prepared!

I just recently found out about a new manga called D.Y.N. Freaks.  It just started back middle of last year I believe, but it’s not only by the author of Demonbane, it features the big “D” himself, after a fashion!

For those not familiar, Demonbane is basically a Super Robot VN(Visual Novel) borrowing heavily from HP Lovecraft.  Put simply, the protagonist works with a living embodiment of the Necronomicon to take half of the powers of the Lovecraft universe and use them as weapons in a giant robot against the other half in the middle of Arkham.  The original “game”(as VNs are basically choose-your-own-adventure novels in the form of a PC program) was also an adult game, with plot-related sex scenes, which honestly are mostly played for humor than anything else.  They put out a all-ages-friendly version of it too, as well as a semi-sequel, but only the adult version was ever translated to English.  They also made an anime version, but it cut out half the plot and some major characters, so it ends up rather disjointed if you aren’t already familiar with the story from the VN.

This manga appears set in one of the Demonbane universes(and I can’t really explain that without spoilers), but in Y City.  It involves some artifacts of the various Elder Gods and Outer Beings that have infected people, making them into “mages” who can access that power, or get used by it. From the four chapters translated so far, the D is for Demonbane, the Y is for a mage who has the pwoers of Yog Sottoth, and the N is for the third main character, who dons the mask of Nyarlathotep.  He puts out a sort of Kamen Rider vibe, especially considering he has the Hunting Horror, a souped-up magical bike that was only in one of the Demonbane story paths.

Either way, more Demonbane action gets me very hype.  Now I just have to wait for more to get scanlated.

The second point I wanted to cover was the double-D or why the heck everyone seems to love oversized breasts.  (I said it might cover some mature stuff!)  It’s not that I don’t find breasts attractive, but they have to match the body they’re on!

I guess it comes down to proportions.  For smaller girls, a smaller bust is just fine.  If you’re a twig, you shouldn’t have balloon breasts the size of your head!  On the other hand, if you’ve got some meat on your bones, bring on the C and D cups!  Maybe DD too, but after that you start hitting the “too much of a good thing” level, unless you’re getting further into fantasy races.  (Then again, there are some who say anything more than a nice handful is a waste – but then how big are your hands?)

There’s also anthromorphization of existing characters where it can get distasteful real fast too.  I was poking around Second Life and came across some MLP furry avatars where someone had made them all very well-endowed.  In my opinion, a lot of those didn’t really fit for what I would envision, if you were trying to stay true to the character.  But instead, you end up with the “if it’s female, must attach huge bazongas!” approach.

Taurs have the body-mass to balance a larger bustline visually though, I have to admit.  As for dragonesses – if they’re anthro, my above guidelines stay.  If you’re dealing with a standard quad(“feral”) dragon, then no.  Just, no.

I’m not sure if I really made a point there but I wanted to get it off my chest. (*snrk*)

I also managed to get in touch with some of the other old-time folks from the Isle of Wyrms in SL, and Limbo actually did used to be Lyre.  The original Cathedral and Limbo sims had to go because of tier prices, so Daryth converted Hedgetopia to a new Cathedral sim, and Lyre became Limbo.  The first move was already done, but Limbo is still waiting for a rebuild to turn it back into itself.  Gertie and a few of the hatchies also bought one of the other sims, to “keep it in the family.”

I then went through to see what still existed of my old landmarks, and ended up deleteing at least half of them.  There were a few of those places that I was sad to see go:

  • Lost Furest is completely gone.  Cheetah took a slightly longer break than I did, and it closed down in the meantime, but she plans to get another sim eventually, someday.
  • I took a longer look at Furnation.  They had to do the same as IoW, and the current Prime sim isn’t the original Prime sim.  The two sandbox sims are gone, leaving a single sandbox crammed back into Prime’s space.  All the rest has gone to either residential, or a (admittedly very pretty) natural park area.  There’s still a few landmarks there though I recognize, such as the Luxor pyramid, the not-a-sphinx, and Club Fur.  Heck, I have a screenshot from early 2006 of me entering Club Fur!
  • The Sci-Fi museum at Indigo is sadly no more.  They had some awesome displays, including a to-scale model of a Klingon Bird of Prey you could walk around in.
  • Arador is completely gone.  It was one of the few non-RP places that dragons congregated at that I knew of.
  • Not really a sim per se, but Reverie Animations is completely gone now from SL.  They had some great animations at decent prices, but there’s no more stores of theirs in SL anymore, anywhere.
  • Also in that vein, the stores for Aventity Avatars, whose fox provided the ears for my avatar, seem to have disappeared.  Where the main store used to sit is now part of Furnation’s natural park area.

After that, I did do a little exploring using the search function, to try and find someplace else to hang out at.  I didn’t have much luck with that, but I found a few things:

  • Midgar is still Midgar i.e. FF7 RP bonanza.  It was packed on the map, but I wasn’t looking for RP, so I didn’t stop by.  They’ve been going however since 2006.
  • The awesome life-size mecha statues are still in the Akira sim, though they’ve been cut back a lot.  Now it’s just Daitarn 3 and the rusted Dougram, with no sign of Grendizer or the other two that had been there.
  • The Monster’s Garage store with all the Ultraman-related avatars is still there, but no new avatars still from when I was there last over 2 years ago.
  • The maker of my Sidetrack transforming Micromaster avatar is still around and has added a ton of new Micromaster avatars(and some Minicons too).  If I wasn’t watching my spending, I could probably blow a lot there easily.
  • Grendel’s is still around, but with fewer sims again
  • Sylver’s Kinzart Kreetures store is still kicking, and a lot bigger than it used to be.
  • The Dr Who-related sim, the Three Minute City, is still around also.  Didn’t stop by there this time however as I haven’t been keeping up with New Who.
  • I also found a great mecha-based sim with it’s own combat system and a lot of designs derived from Battletech(but not all).  They even have a free Kit Fox/Uller av to start you off!(And a Hatchetman too.)
  • The only two non-RP, non-store places that mentioned Dragons other than as a generic place were Ryu Valley, which apparently still has its awesome Macro room, and The Scaly Spot, which from the description was a sex/dance club for scalies and scalie lovers.  The former was fairly empty(and I didn’t see a way to the Macro room, though I didn’t look too hard because of that) and the only ones I saw at the latter club were “escorts.”

That sort of leads to another pet peeve of mine, or at least it reminded me it existed: why are most gathering places some combination of sex club, dance club, or RP?  There’s not a lot of places where you can just chill and chat about random things, it just seems like.  It seems like a lot of furry places especially end up as combination sex/dance clubs – at least the ones with any sort of population(barring Luskwood, which has been around forever).  Maybe I’m just getting too old for this, but where are all the sane, not-constantly-horny, intelligent folks at?

And where did all the dragons go?

Expecting something different?

If you’re seeing this, it means that the move was successful.  I’d been testing this setup on a different host and already wrote quite a few posts while I was waiting on database services.  I’ve already discussed a lot of the reasoning behind this on the opening post( ) so I won’t cover it again here. I’ll be leaving the old website up still though for a little while, reachable through the links on the sidebar, in case you were after anything.  Don’t expect it to remain there forever, though, as eventually I’ll remove most of it(except maybe the Eldoran stuff, because Wikipedia needs its external sources).

That said, feel free to browse the past posts, and the ones yet to come.  In the not-so-immortal words of Deckard Cain, “Stay a while and listen.”