Busy Busy Busy

Well, looks like it’s been a while since my last post.  I actually have another world or two I’d like to post about, but that’ll have to come later when I have access to my notes.  And have time.

Events conspired lately to knock me over the head, then keep me running just to keep up, it feels like.  Just to give a quick timeline:

– I started up WoW again as the pre-expansion patch and event was released. I let my gf know I’m gonna be a bit more scarce in SL as I try and balance the time between the two so I get the stuff to do done in WoW(including blocking time for raiding) and still don’t neglect SL too much.

– A few days after my mom got home, she went back in the hospital because her bloodwork was screwy, and she couldn’t even stand on her own anymore(which she COULD do when she first came home)

– We find out her body is basically shutting down at this point, and it’s not a matter of if, but when she’ll go.

– Several days later I find out from my gf that she’s going to have to go to the hospital herself for some tests and monitoring.  She was going to try to load Skype or SL on her laptop before she left so she could stay in touch with everyone.

– The next morning my mom dies in her sleep

– Funeral is arranged for that Sunday, with a wake the next Saturday

– A couple days later I haven’t heard from my gf so I send a text, but no response.  I’m halfway across the country so no way I can do anything else.

– I get my WoW plans for alts worked out for expac release and put together a checklist to prep myself for launch in November

– Attend funeral

– I send a second text, still no response.  Make sure the folks in SL know what’s going on as what I thought would be a few days is taking obviously longer

– Keep letting the folk in SL know I don’t know any more than they do, while working on knocking out my pre-expac checklist for WoW

– Gets to Halloween, her favorite holiday of the year, and still no sign.  Send another text and continue to worry

– Attend the wake for my mom

– Continue to work on final bits of pre-xpac preparation

On top of all the above is my usual workload and work, and I’m supposed to be going on-call tonight, which will last until the xpac launch. (I won’t get off until a few hours after release.)  It shouldn’t be as strenuous, hopefully, but we’ll see if the alerts outweigh not having to deal with customer calls as much.

So yeah, not much time for writing or other activities, and once the expansion actually launches I’ll have to hit WoW hard to get ready for raiding, as the guild I’m in is planning to try hitting Mythic as soon as it releases, rather than clear Heroic first.

So yeah, one hell of a past few weeks, and not looking to change.  Well, we’ll see what happens, and hopefully I’ll have something a bit more interesting here when the world isn’t trying to blow up around me.

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