Character Profiles

Over the years I’ve created quite a few characters for quite a few different RPG systems and universes.  Some of these have stuck with me more than others, and likewise, some I put more effort into than others. As such, when I think of certain systems, there tends to be one or two characters I identify with that system or universe more than most.

This page will serve as an index to these characters, providing information about them and their stories.

Dungeons and Dragons – 3rd edition (and 3.5)

Jasmine Koryuu – half-dragon rakshasa rogue


Sharilar – dark kitsune oracle

Chakatverse(and Star Trek)

M’Rel Ngral’rr – Caitian Starfleet captain

Chakat Swiftwind – Chakat Starfleet pilot (chakatverse only)


 LoJack – Dwarf Rigger/Decker

Elder Scrolls

Silent-Voice – Argonian Blackscale Sniper