Chakat Swiftwind

Race: Chakat
Profession: Helmsman/Pilot
First Appearance: “Passing of the Sword”
Age: 32
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 390lb

“You’re the pilot of your own life, so live it at full speed!”



Chakat Swiftwind is the daughter of Fireflash and Tailchaser, originally named for hir tendancy to run everywhere as a cub. As a hermaphrodite, like all hir race, shi exhibits signs and anatomy of both genders. However, shi tends to lean toward hir male side most of the time, apart from a love of corsets.

While hir parents were content to remain on Chakona, from a young age shi felt drawn to flying among the stars.  At first, shi sought a berth on merchant vessels, making hir way as a part-time tech, but despite hir natural piloting abilities shi still lacked the training to truly pilot the spacefaring vessels.

When shi learned one of hir sisters had joined Star Fleet, shi immediately followed, enrolling in their pilot program. While shi tested out well in fighter combat, the results of hir midshipman’s cruise instead put her behind the helm of a full-size starship.

Shi could potentially have made captain by now, but for several incidents of insubordination and recklessness, which by sheer luck and skill did not result in any damage to equipment and property.  It did result in hir rank being reduced and a re-assignment, where shi met hir current Companion, a stellar foxtaur named Nexus.

After a whirlwind fling on Earth, both were assigned to the F.S.S. Excalibur, where they quickly became valuable members of the crew. (“Passing of the Sword”) Shi is, however, still quite cocky, with a love of showing off when shi can, whether it be hir body or hir skills.


Shi has some knowledge of engines and technology form hir early merchant days, but hir main skills are that of a pilot.  While hir main berth is that of helmsman, shi has kept up on hir small craft piloting skills as well. Excellent reflexes and quick thinking have gotten hir out of almost as many scrapes as shi’s gotten into.


Due to hir ego, Swiftwind can be a bit reckless at times, often acting before shi thinks.  Shi is also not quite as good a pilot as shi claims, due more to hir exaggeration than to any lack of skill.



Swiftwind’s origin is a bit different from most of the others, as originally shi was a fursona of mine.  I had recently been introduced to taurs and looking into them further led me to the chakatverse stories.  I grew fond of the universe, and trying to imagine what I would be like as a chakat led to the initial incarnation of Swiftwind.

That incarnation however was closer to my real personality, being a techhead and engineer.  Eventually, I lost interest in hir, only to revive hir years later due to a renewed interest in taurs – but this time more as just a character than an avatar of myself.

This led to hir becoming a pilot and becoming a bit cockier and reckless.  At one point I started trying to write a story about hir, but I didn’t make it very far. Some of what was created for that, though, lives on in the stories of the Excalibur.

I’d like to play hir as well in some RPG but so far no opportunities have presented themselves.  The Traveller system as published by Mongoose however does look like it could be used for a chakatverse game though, with some refluffing and race changes.