M’Rel Ngral’rr

Race: Catian
Profession: Captain, F.S.S. Excalibur
First Appearance: “Passing of the Sword”

Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 130lb


“We’re Star Fleet.  Weird is our job.”



M’Rel Ngral’rr grew up in a typical Caitian family, fascinated by the distant stars and stories she heard of the heroism of Star Fleet. When she came of age, she decided to apply to Starfleet Academy, against the objections of her mother, who wanted her to follow in her footsteps as a medical professional.

She graduated with honors directly into the Command branch after proving herself handily during her midshipman’s cruise.  Within six years she had made Commander and XO of the star cruiser Resolute under Captain McCloud, where she stayed for the next five years. While their missions were not always glamorous, she felt like she was making a difference, and Star Fleet did not want to break up a capable command team.  When a Q-ship ambush did the job for them however, the Admiralty took the opportunity to promote M’rel and assigned her to the command of the F.S.S. Excalibur, third of the Moebius class long-range cruisers.  After dealing with a pirate Q-ship during their shakedown cruise(“Passing of the Sword”) they were assigned to the job for which the class was designed: exploration.


M’rel graduated 3rd in her class in Spacial Tactics, with high marks for spacial kinesthetics, despite only being a fair marksman.

As for the Excalibur itself, it is one of the rare four-nacelle designs, primarily armed with beam arrays designed to punch through hardened shields.


Her promotion to Captain came at the cost of her previous ship and captain, which causes her to occasionally question her competence, despite her previous and current record.  She also does not feel comfortable commanding multiple vessels due to this, preferring to be reliant only on herself.

Her Real Life Origins

M’rel actually started as a stand-in for Chakat Swiftwind in Star Trek Online, as obviously they did not have chakats or taurs in general.  Playing through the Federation campaign she took on a bit of a life of her own, which then led to me bringing her back across to the chakatverse.

If I ever get involved in a Star Trek RPG that has Caitians, I may bring her out for that, but currently, she just exists in STO and in stories I have written, or may write in the future.