Race: Argonian
Profession: Servant of Sithis
First Appearance: Skyrim

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 113lb

“By Her will, it is asked; by my hand, it is done.”


Silent-Voice was born as one of the rare black-scale Argonians in the Great Marsh.  As custom dictated, she was handed over to the Black Hand alongside her brother to be raised in the ways of Sithis.

Where her brother favored the personal touch, Silent-Voice believes that if she has been spotted, then she has already failed.  Unless specifically requested, she prefers to be merciful, ending her target’s lives with as few shots as possible rather than carving them up like so much raw meat.

Unfortunately, on what should have been an easy assignment she was captured by Imperials.  While they could not prove she was the killer, they still put her in with the other prisoners they were transporting…


Silent-Voice is an excellent marksman, having trained herself in the use of a bow from a young age.  Typically, she will move in silently, locate a vantage point with a good view of the target, then take them down with a precise arrow shot.  Her glass armor provides excellent protection while not impeding her movement or giving off any noise that could betray her position.


While she can use a sword and shield, she is less skilled with such weaponry, sometimes resulting in her relying on her bow even at pointblank range. She also believes spellcasting is a crutch, and only uses it where necessary.


She actually started life with a different name – Obsydia.  You see, I had usually played a Khajit for my first character in the previous Elder Scrolls games, but with the dragon theme of Skyrim, I took inspiration from that and created an Argonian instead, modeling her after Onyxia from WoW in look.

As I played further on, I grew to like the character.  Looking into the lore a bit more, I found out that there was actually justification for such a character in the form of Argonian blackscales, though they were supposed to be mostly extinct by the time of Skyrim. Still, it provided a great character hook for me to expand on.

As I was hewing closer to TES lore, I changed the name partway through to conform more to standard Argonian naming. Though I was inspired by a certain Gundam anime opening song, I felt it fit the style of an assassin.  This name actually turned out to unintentionally be very appropriate, given what happens with your character in the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim.

I always preferred the Morrowind-style glass armor for the beast races in TES, as it fit very well with their looks, so I used a mod to bring it back for the images seen here.

One other thing I wish I could include is her werewolf form, but it was part of the game plot and thus takes place after the bio, which I left open so it could apply to any TES incarnation of her.  In the end, she did fully fill out the werewolf perk tree, which she also made modest use of where necessary for melee and travel.  Of course, I also did use a mod to make her werewolf form more feminine as well.

She’ll likely return whenever TES VI comes out, especially if the rumor of the location being Black Marsh is true. I may also remake her in TESO at some point, if I am able to play it – it doesn’t work in WINE anymore, and won’t anytime in the near future, so that will depend on if I bite the bullet and dual-boot Windows or not.