Draconic Perceptions

Llewelyn by Asyd Rayn

More arts!  Asyd knocked this one out surprisingly fast.  *preens*  No CITMON slots yet though, and Aaros had his screen break on his new tablet, so no arts from him still too.  So far though, each of the artists I’ve gotten art from has had a different strong point.  Rhoa does awesome (and fitting)scenery, Leilryu/Isvoc is super-detailed, and Asyd is great at capturing emotion.  That’s not the only thing great about each of their arts, but when I compare them it’s why I like each one, and it makes a great determination if I want any future arts of who to have draw them, depending on what’s most important.

The other part of this post was some reflections that I originally had/wanted to write about a few days ago, but was too tired to.  That night I was feeling very… dragon-y is the only way I can put it.  But what does that mean?

Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to describe now, long after it subsided.  The first component though is a feeling of restlessness, like I want to stalk around somewhere, and not just that but in a draconic shape as well.  It feels like a power inside the chest, that you want to lift your head and rawr to the skies above.  My hands felt like claws that I wanted to dig into something, and feel my claws digging into the ground beneath them.  There was even a bit of a ghost sensation, though very faint, of wings, and if I’d had a tail it would have been lashing.  Layered on top of all that though is the need to DO something, to BE dragon, when it strikes.

I’ve dealt with it in the past by writing a few times, but mostly I’ve used Second Life as a catharsis for these sorts of feelings when they get strong enough to notice, and go poke around there in a virtual representation of my dragon self.  Since I started logging in again though, as I’ve lamented in the past, most of my old hangouts are gone or don’t usually have very many around, and I haven’t really found any new ones yet.  With that and how tired I was that day as I mentioned, I just slept it off.

It’s a great feeling, but it’s also aggravating when you can’t do anything about it!  Like when your back is itching in that one spot you can almost reach – annoying when you can’t, but when you can scratch that itch, it’s oh-so-wonderful.


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