Everything in Its Place

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my longer term projects was organizing my Images folder, containing everything from Autobots to zat-guns.  Most of that is also completed, as I stated earlier, leaving pretty much just the arts of the fur.   The problem is now that I’m torn on how I want to go about it again.

When I first started, I pretty much kept everything segregated by artist.  Great if I wanted to find a certain style, or remembered who did a certain pic, but it was all spread out over many folders, even leaving some with just one or two files.

I got tired of maintaining that, and had gone to more f-chan style, organizing by the content type, and then somewhat by Species.  I say only somewhat because I never finished reorganizing, leaving about half the images in artist folders, and some in the content folders never got sorted by species.  It also doesn’t help I didn’t know how to handle pics with multiple characters.

I didn’t want to have to browse to every folder when I saved files, so I just saved to a New folder to move later.  For a while, this worked, but then I got lazy about this too and eventually filled the new folder with a mixture of all types of images.

This left me with some images in artist folders, some in New, and some in the content folders.  I was stuck on a good way until I recalled that gThumb has tagging capabilities, so when this reorganization started I had planned to go back with the artist folders, tag everything else on the images, and make liberal use of gThumb’s search function.

I got started on that, and then actually began to realize how many images I had.  It’s something I can do over a period of time, but I also had a bunch of art I don’t know the artist for, which I’ve acquired from various sites.  I originally was going to put this under Unknown Artist and go back to content folders under that.

However, I recently came across some discussion of this sort of thing, and one of the ways they sorted theirs was by species.  This would actually be a fairly clean way to do it I think, and provides for better integration of folders for taurs and such things that defy standard classification.  It also may make it easier to find a specific type or art I might want to look for.

If I go this way though, I’d still want to tag the content tags on it, and I’m not sure how I should handle the artist.  I’d still want that information somewhere, but I don’t know if it’d be better to put it in the image metadata or just in the filename(for those images not from FA).  I’m already using the description field in the image metadata to store character information, if it’s a picture of one of the usual commonly commissioned characters, such as Byzil or Slither.

So in short, I went from Point A, to partway to point B, stopped at a rest stop, started to go back to point A, and now I’m looking at an exit ramp to point C and pondering  drive times.

I’ve asked a few times on FA, but since I don’t post much of anything of course I don’t really get much int he way of responses.  I’m seriously considering the last method though – I just need to figure out how to handle artist data.  And do it before my current New folder ends up like my last one. <..<

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