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Welcome to my world of Transformers...

Transformers was something that have been with me as long as I remember. They came out at just the right time to catch my 4-5 year old imagination, and have been going strong ever since.

Besides the story and characters(or sometimes lack thereof) I think one thing that really draws me to them is each one is like a puzzle, or candy for the hands. I take it as a personal challenge to figure out the transformation using only pics of either mode and without the instructions, unless I"m stumped and it feels like I'm going to break something unless I look it up. Thankfully, the current figures are all designed so they can "break" safely and the "broken" part can just be popped right back on. Usually.

Being an engineer myself, I also get a kick out of seeing the great engineering going into each one to turn it from a vehicle to robot and back, completely self-contained.

I have two fan-made characters, one a Decepticon, and one a Maximal. Here are their Tech Specs:



Back in college, I also created a little one-shot comic using toys:

Or you can follow these links to other Transformer sites:

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