As you step off the elevator, you notice a logo on the wall: VARS. People walk right by you on both sides as you pass down the hallway, not seeming to really notice you, as intent as they are on whatever they're busy with. ducking itno an alcove to escape the flow of traffic, you find an unoccupied console. As you log in, you find out that VARS is an acronym for "Valiant Attack and Rescue Squad". A few moments later, you start going through the data files, looking for anything interesting....

Taiyoh no Yuusha(Brave of the Sun) Fighbird

The force possessing android Katori Yuutaro and animating him came to Earth to fight a negative energy life form known as Draias. He combines with the Fire Jet to transform into Fighbird, and then merges with the Flame Breaster. In this form he wields the Flame Sword to strike down evil. Supporting him is Thunderbaron and Guardion, who is composed of GuardStar, GuardFire, and GuardRescue.

Yuusha Shirei(Brave Command) Dagwon

The criminals have taken over the space prison Sargasso, and now they target Earth. Standing in their way are five high school students, recruited by the Space Police detective Brave Seijin to protect their world as Dagwon.When they activate the DagBrace, a suit forms around them, protecting and enhancing them. In this form they can Yuugou Gattai with their Dagtector vehicles into giant robots, and then further combine either with another vehicle, other Dagwon, or in Shadow Dagwon's case with other non-Dagwon robots.
Fire Dagwon
Shadow Dagwon

Yuusha Ou(King of Braves) GaoGaiGar

Alien invaders want to turn humanity into Zonder slaves. Standing in their way is the secret organization Gutsy Geoid Guard, later Gutsy Galaxy Guard. With alien technology gained from the alien mecha Galeon, and an young boy named Mamoru, they fight to stop the Zonder plan in its tracks!