You step out of the elevator, looking around. There is a catwalk extending from the platform you're standing on, at about the right height for a Zoid cockpit. To your left a door sits slightly open. Slipping inside before someone notices, you realize it's an office of some sort. A series of pictures of Zoids hang on the wall, each with its own plaque.

What happened to the trees?
Command Wolf AC on patrol in Elemia Desert on Europa

YEEEEEHAAAA! Look at them cows run!
Aerial-converted Sinker defending a Helic Rupublic town against bandits

Damn... Tinkerbell, get out of my cannon!
Cannon Tortoise about to engage in plasma bombardment at a classified location on
the Dark Continent, Nyx.

I think I'm lost...
Gunsniper scouting out some terrain on the Western Continent, Europa

I'm the Wild Thunder Chicken!
Raynos out on CAP(Combat Air Patrol)

Give me your picnic baskets or eat mortars!
Bearfighter travelling through some woods on the Central Continent,

Shhhhh.....I'm a actually a lungfish...witness protection program....I ratted out a loan shark and a mob barracuda....just for the halibut!!! - D. Noogie
Wardick exploring under the Deldaros Ocean

Burninate the peasents!
Redler about to launch itself off an outcropping in the mountains
on Europa.

I fly through the air, with the greatest of ease...
Pteras firing its arm lasers at an opponent

Shadow Fox using fog to cover it's approach in the investigation
of some ruins from before the meteor impact.

Yessss... my precioussss... where is my preciousssss?
Stealth Viper investigating pre-impact ruins under cover of night and fog.

Dammit, the rabbit told me to make that left turn at Albaquerque!!! - D. Noogie
Konig Wolf with full equipment on Nyx at sunset

Helcat demonstrating the cloaking and stealth capabilities

'What is the air speed of an unladen Pteras?' 'African or European?'
Zeekdober on patrol on the edge of the Elemia Desert

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games...
Liger Zero, Striker Configuration prototype during testing in Europan jungle

Stepping back outside, you see a Liger Zero in the bay, powered down, and some people working on some equipment on the floor beyond it.

Whoa... I think i made a wrong turn