Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh

The Concept

An evil empire targets Earth. They launch a missile, but Eldoran appears, piloting Raijin-Oh to attempt to thwart them. In response, the missle is detonated prematurely, scattering its payload and sending Raijin-Oh down to crash into a school. There, ELdoran protects the 4th grade class whose classroom it was about to fall into, and grants each of them medals which grant them control over different aspects of Raijin-Oh. He reconfigures the school so their classroom becomes a command center when activated, and charges them with the task of protecting the Earth.


Profiles of the individual Robo

Chikyuu Boueigumi

Profiles of the Chikyuu Boueigumi(Earth Defense Class) and their teachers


The invaders of Earth from the Jaku Empire


Original Airdates and Eyecatches