Mecha Hangar

From my days as a young kid growing up with Transformers, to playing Battletech at a convention as an adult; from watching rocket-powered punches flying across my TV screen to reading about giant humanoid war machines marching across a war-torn landscape; mecha has always been something that has grabbed my imagination.

This portion of my site is dedicated to those heroes made of steel and oil, fighting so that none may go quietly into the dark night. It is dedicated to the machines defending their home and honor with salvos of missles and laser fire as they cross terrian no tracked or wheeled vehicle could handle.

icon Battletech A short section for Clan Jade Falcon. Updated: 1/20/10
icon Zoids A visit to Planet Zi. Updated: 12/20/04
icon Transformers More than meets the eye; robots in disguise. Updated: 01/20/10
icon Yuusha Robo If you have a heart full of courage and a giant robot at your side, nothing can beat you. Updated: 03/25/05
icon Eldoran Robo The gifts from Eldoran, warrior of light and protector of Earth. Updated: 06/30/05

icon Llewelyn's Lair Home of the foxdragon. Updated: 01/19/10