A short Transformers adventure in a parallel universe that looks like a college dorm room!

A slight preface: I made this back in college, right after Armada came out. Originally there was more, but this is the only one I found that I still had, hence why it ends the way it does. I thought it was still funny enough to share, though.

And now, on with the show!

Starscream: I proclaim myself the new leader!
Jetstorm: *yawn* yeah whatever

Cyclonus: Hold it right there, Starscream.
Starscream: Who dares interrupt my coronation?

Cyclonus: Me.
Starscream:(whispers)You're not a reincarnation of Megatron, are you?

Runway(to Sonar):Finally something interesting is happening.

Cyclonus: I challenge you for leadership! Crumplezone, keep Swindle busy.
Crumplezone: My pleasure.
Starscream: Then taste the fury of my RFOSD!

Sonar(to Runway):RFOSD?
Runway: Royal Fark Stick of Doom
Sonar: Oh
Bonecrusher: I'll put 10 creds on Starscream. Any takers?
Knockout: You're on.

Scamper: C'mon, we gotta get you guys outta here! While they're distracted...
Wreckage: Where'd you come from?
Scamper: Stealth device. Jets hop on the ground vehicles and let's go.

Scamper: We're here.
Streetwise: Were you spotted?
Scamper Not as far-

Weirdwolf: Boo.
Scamper: as I could tell. Slag.

Monzo: We've got you surrounded. Surrender immediately.
Scamper: Ummmm boss?
Sonar: Why'd we come along again?
Jetstorm: Did you want to have to listen to another of Starscream's rants?
Sonar: Oh, right.
Wreckage: 15 creds on the wolf.
Bonecrusher: Nah, the wolf's already got him. I'll pass.

Unknown sihlouette: I think I sense a certain insect's feelers all over this. It's not yet time for my trump to be played, if it is him. All I can do is watch and wait... for now.

Starscream: Ah, here are my lost subjects. But who- more Decepticons?
Monzo: These are our prisoners!
Starscream: Fool! They belong to me, as do you now. Where did you all come from?
Monzo: I belong to no one!
Cyclonus: Hey Motormaster, what're you doing with this little slagger?
Motormaster: 2 of my soldiers are missing... in return for helping him he's supposed to help me find them.

Blitzwing: Hey Monzo, guess who I found.... hey is that you, Starscream?
Starscream: *groan*
Blitzwing: What'd I say?

Starscream: All right, listen up.I'm in charge here. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Otherwise you can do what you want, as long as it doesn't conflict with my wishes. Autobots: remember that as soon as you step out of line, you're dead. There's 11 of us and 3 of you, so you listen to us, or else.
Streetwise(to Scamper): I think we can take them
Starscream: What was that?
Streetwise: Nothing!
Starscream: It's good to be the king.

Insect: And so it begins.

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