Here are a some Transformers sites to explore.

The Allspark

A Tranformers community site, over 10 years old now, and still kicking!

A huge screen capture archive, and more.

Transformers World 2005

A cool site with Car Robots episodes, original remixes, and more.

The Transformers Archive

A crapload of Transformers resources.

Ben Yee's website

A TF fan with good contacts.

Ctenosaur Video

A fansubber with various Japanese TF episodes subbed.

Radio Free Cybertron

A weekly Transformers internet radio show.

Transformers Quake 2

A TF mod for Q2.

Big Bad Toy Store

An online shop with a large selection of TF figures.

TF instruction Archive

An archive of Instruction scans.

Polyhex Comic Scans

A page with UK Tf comic scans, and links to the scans it doesn't host.

Prime Saber's Transformers Index Page

Excellent referance for Japanese-only G1 toys.

Transformers G2 Archive

Scans of G2 Tech Specs and instructions.