Character Profiles



Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Foxdragon
Primary Scale color: Dark Sapphire blue
Secondary Scale Color: Light Bluish-silver
Eye Color: Sky blue


A dark blue and silver scaled dragon, with the usual four legs, two wings, long neck and tail of the typical western-style dragon. However, he does not look quite like a typical western, and sports several foxlike features as well. His ears seem somewhat vulpine in shape, sapphire-scaled on the outside, and maybe silver-scaled on the inside? There's possibly some silver-colored fluff inside too. Two golden horns curl behind his ears, while flexible silvery spines form a line from between the base of his horns all the way back to the tip of his tail. His light blue eyes have slit pupils. His muzzle seems a blend of fox and dragon, the shape seeming more foxish but still plainly draconic, and capped with a black nosepad on the end. Silvery-scaled flexible "plates" start at the base of his jaw and continue down his neck to and along his underbelly, ending at the base of his tail. The rest of his body sports sapphire scales, and the leathery flesh of his wings is a similar blue as well. All four paws end in dark ebony claws. His muscular tail is perhaps a third to a fourth of his length. The end of it, rather than ending in a scaled point or a spade, sports a fluffy poof of silver, similar to the tip of a fox's tail.

Other Details

Not really a character, just an expression of myself. Included here mostly for sake of completeness.





Age: 24
Sex: Herm
Species: Chakat
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Fur: Light grey
Markings: Dark grey rosettes(Snow leopard)
Height: 5' 7" foot
Weight: A girl never tells
Build: Robust
Cup size: DD


Your eyes fall upon a pretty chakat with snow leopard markings. This friendly felitaur seems a bit bigger than the average for hir kind, perhaps 5'7" or 5'8" tall. Purple hair frames hir face and hangs down to between hir shoulder blades, brushed back to look good, yet stay out of hir way. A black-furred ear twitches slightly as shi hears something, hir crystal-blue eyes glancing in that direction a moment, whiskers twitching.

The off-white, spotted fur on hir face surrounds hir muzzle, covered in white fur, then continues down along the sides and back of hir neck. It spreads out over hir upper back along hir sides and over the outer portions of hir breasts, as well as down hir arms, where it gives way to whiter fur around hir wrists and hands. The white of hir muzzle meanwhile continues down the front of hir neck, spreading across the warm swell of hir chest, down over hir upper belly, finally curling under into hir fluffy underbellyfur, the same shade of white.

Hir feline lower body is as powerfully built as any other chakat, sleek muscles shifting slightly under more of that same off-white spotted fur that covers hir lower back, flanks, and all four legs. The spots on hir fluffy, prehensile tail seem more like stripes, bands of black continuing along the top-side to the black-furred tip, while the underside of the tail is covered in more of that truer white fur, matching the fluffy fur on hir underside.

Shi currently is wearing a corset that laces along the front and back, designeed to fit hir and emphasize hir chest and upper body without being too tight. The red cloth, trimmed in black, hugs hir female upper body, supporting hir large chest.

As you look hir over, you notice shi hardly ever sits still, always changing position, doing something with hir hands, swishing hir tail, flicking an ear... never quite stopping moving, like the wind. Perhaps that's partly how shi got hir name? But don't worry, shi won't bite... unless you ask nicely. ;3

Other Details

Currently a Companion to Chakat Riversand.


Born to Fireflash(named for hir firey pelt and hot-for-a-chakat temper) and Tailchaser(because shi always seems to need instructions for figuring things out, and has a habit of getting lost) on Chakona, shi is the oldest of three siblings.

Originally named Snowstorm, shi had a habit as a cub of darting here and there as things caught hir interest, and even when focused shi never quite seemed to stay still. Shi also was very inquisitive, poking hir nose into everything. Someone once commented that hir interest seemed to blow with the wind, and when someone else responded, "A very swift wind, at that," shi found hirself with a new name. Shi took to it like a duck to water.

Shi turned into a bit of a mecha fan as shi grew, and especially winged mecha. Though they weren't very viable shi was also fascinated with mecha that'd transform into other vehicles or machines. Shi might have gone into training as a 'Mech pilot, but with hir chaotic streak shi knew shi'd never make it through boot camp, so shi satisfied hirself with learning about them.

Shi made some friends growing up, but never very many, and was pretty bookish for a chakat. Rather than being out running around roughhousing, shi was always happiest in a good book, behind a computer console, or perhaps digging in the innards of said computer console to improve its performance.

Shi hung around a group called the Society for Creative Anachronism for a while, which had apparently been around since before the gene wars, though in the modern day it had extended the period it covered to include up to the late 20th or early 21st century by the old Gregorian calender, as well as extending back to the 5th or 6th century of the same calender. Shi was also in the process of filling out at the time, and as such developed a taste for corsets. They didn't serve the same purpose they would for a normal biped of course, but shi liked how they helped support and flatter hir growing bustline. Shi also tried heavy-fighting for a little while, but never got too much into it. Regulation armor wasn't as big a problem as it might have been, as taurs had been slotted in to act as cavalry in the medieval period battles, but hir prefered choice of weapon being the halberd made things a bit difficult.

Being such a tech-head though, shi decided to put that to good use and started training on computers and related systems, both of mecha and starships. During that time, shi went through a couple Companionships, though none of them lasted, and ended up growing into a slightly bigger-than-average chakat. Taking a temporary berth on a merchant ship, shi ended up on Earth, seeking hir fortune.


Llewellyn (original)

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Fox
Hair Color: Red-bronze-auburn
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Fur: Copper
Wings: Dark copper, fading to very dark brown.
Markings: Cream and dark brown
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 157 pounds
Build: Slim
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single


Sometimes screwy, sometimes a bit shy, this fox just likes to be happy and have others be happy. He seldom lets others into his heart, but once he does, is very loyal. Also has a strong sense of honor.


I was born with a brother and sister in an elven village, where my parents were staing as ambassadors for our village. We got sick shortly after, but only I survived. When I turned twelve, I was sent home to learn our ways. I learned swordplay from my father, as well as the ways of the forest.. When I turned 16, I went out on my Rite of Passage. After I got back 6 months later, the village was deserted. Dead bodies littered the ground, locked in combat with dead raptors. I found a single pegasus feather near a area where heavy fighting had taken place. I gathered my few possesions, including my twin enchanted broadswords that I had recieved from the elven village's Eldest, and left to find my own way in the world.

Along this journey, I made a stop over in a small town named Layleaux. While there, I met and fell in love with a beautiful black-furred sable named Branwyn. We became mated, and had a kit on the way(thanks to a little assistance from a friend who knows potions). For the time being, I had laid my swords to rest, as that was a peaceful community(for the most part). However, I was ready, and if I was needed, I would have gone, despite however much it might have pained me to leave her, even for a short time.

Then I discovered that she was using me the entire time. When I questioned her about a lie she told to me, she fled, in the advanced stages of pregnancy. I don't know what happenned to her, but I was not able to find her. I was alone once more.

I returned to wandering, and ended up in another small village in the middle of a forest, which was in the process of being settled. I stayed there for a while and helped them get settled in, defending against bandits, showing them what was good to eat and what wasn't, and things of that nature. During the couple months I spent there, I made several friends, including one of the village leaders, Tatyana; a nobletiger who was looking for a place to get away from it all, Stripe; and a young kittyfox named Miki.

As time wore on, Miki and I became more fond of each other, and we picked up nicknames for each other, based on the language from where she had lived before. When I returned to wandering, the village having been adequately established, she elected to join me, and there was no way I'd turn her down.

As we travelled together, we found out more about each other, and gradually our friendship turned to love... but a different kind of love than I had known with Branwyn... a better love. Eventually, I finally, a little awkwardly and uncertainly, revealed my feelings to her, and she let me know that she felt the same. We were living in the Terradrome, became mates.

But alas, we eventually came to the realization that however close, we just weren't right for each other, and parted on friendly terms, 6 months later. Since then I have returned to wandering, although I have been contemplating my role, and if I should stay a Ranger, or follow the calling of magic.

After pondering these conepts and letting them stew in my subconcious for a couple months, I think that maybe the title of Bard may fit me better. I do know how to play a musical instrument, and enjoy singing along with other songs, in fact I prefer it to dancing. I tend not to be serious too often, and if I'm having people visit I usually try and make sure we have something to do. I have a great interest in stories, and also tend to listen to other people more than talk myself, somewhat often. Bards are also known for havign a touch of magic...

I returned to my land of origin. There I found a wonderful faerie-kitty by the name of Jeska Rina, whom I loved very much and who felt the same about me. We married each other in a ceremony run by my adopted sister Zyala. A few months later we had a daughter named Diana. She has colorations close to her mother, but she's a fox primarily, like her father. I'm sure when she grows up she'll be breaking hearts everywhere.