I used to draw a lot back at the end of high school, though by the time college was over I'd basically stopped for all intents and purposes, other than an occasional drawing here or there. I'm half-tempted to not put the older stuff at all, as some of it is quite bad in my opinion(not to say that my latest are masterpieces either!) but it all led to the development of what skills I do have. So, consider this my metaphysical refridgerator door to sticky up my not-so-masterpieces on.

I wasn't the only one to draw my characters and such however. I have collected a few commissions over time, as well as free art I either requested from a bored artist or recieved as a gift or exchange. This is a place for them as well.

Art by me, new and old

icon Foxmech 2-25-99 An attempt at a vulpine Veritech/Valkyrie pilot.
icon Kitsune Salamander 3-2-99 A kitsune(fox spirit) talking to a Salamander(Fire Elemental, not animal or morph).
icon Winged Vixen 3-17-99 An anonymous winged vixen adventurer.
icon Llew2 5-3-99 My second attempt at drawing Llewelyn. I don't have the first anymore.
icon Llew3 5-26-99 A third attempt at Llewelyn
icon Tristan 6-11-99 A werepanther in a Battlestar Galactica jacket.
icon Selene 7-28-99 A random black-furred blonde vixen in a red dress.
icon Kitsune Slider 8-1-99 A picture of a 2-tailed kitsune inspired by Sliders.
icon FurrySelf 8-4-99 A vulpine self-portrait.
icon Sunset Dance 8-27-99 A bunny belly-dancer with a wolf playing a drum at an anthropomorphic Pennsic War.
icon Baast vs. the Lady 8-31-99 Baast, the Egyptian cat goddess in a magical battle with the Lady, mother of the kitsune race.
icon Jainie 9-26-99 Partially inspired by "Jainie got a gun" by Aerosmith, and partially by Transformers: The Movie(Recognize the car, or the location?).
icon Llew4 10-6-99 Another attempted pic of Llew
icon A Walk in the Park 10-12-99 A female skunk waves hi.
icon Kitiara 10-21-99 A tigress out on a date, or getting ready for one.
icon Waiting 10-26-99 A vixen waits on a cliff for her true love to return.
icon Sailor Kzin 1-7-00 A tiger morph Sailor Scout(Senshi)
icon Septienna 2-2-00 A kitty kneeling, and leaning on a book.
icon Necro Kitty 2-2-00 A feline necromancer, inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic III.
icon Sailor Kzin ver. II 3-7-00 Sailor Kzin is now a Catgirl(Nekomimi).
icon PO'd Llew 3-17-00 Llewelyn looking pissed off.
icon V-ball 3-20-00 A vixen playing volleyball on a beach.
icon Branwyn 4-26-00 A sable character named Branwyn from Tapestries. Branwyn is (C) her player.
icon Lost Love 9-7-00 My first computer colored pic, of a distraught Llewelyn.
icon Sailor Skunk 9-11-00 A random Sailor Skunk. Sailor Moon stuff (c) Naoko Takeuchi
icon Miki 9-18-00 A foxitty(fox/cat hybrid) from The Purple Lotus MUCK named Miki. She's (c) her player.
icon Anthro Miki 10-13-00 This anthro form of the Kittyfox above. She's (c) her player.
icon Tarmle 10-20-99 A pic of a fox/skunk crossbreed I did as a gift for someone. He is (c) his player.
icon Knight of Cups 10-28-00 Llewelyn in a pic based off the 'Knight of Cups' tarot card.
icon Llewelyn and Miki 1-23-01 A picture of Llewelyn and Miki together
icon Wind and Fire 3-20-01 A picture inspired by a quote.
icon Slipstream 04-13-01 A Decepticon character I made.
icon A Fox of Rayearth 10-09-01 Inspired by Magic Knight Rayearth.
icon Windsheer vs Skidz 10-14-01 Another Transformers pic, about the outcome of a Versus pack...
icon Mage Llewelyn 2-25-02 Llewelyn as a mage/wizard/sorcerer.
icon Vix or MechaVix? 8-03-03 An attempt at a fox version of those anime pictures of girls wearing armor based on mecha.
icon Heritage 4-17-05 An image showing the dual heritage of a D&D/NWN character of mine named Jasmine Yumeryuu who's half-rakshasa and half-brass dragon. Yes, it seems screwy, but her background makes sense of it. Odd thing is she started as a joke, then I made the char for the heck of it, started expanding on the background, and now she's one of my favorite characters. Too bad I'll probably never get to use her in a PnP D&D game. For the curious, the full story is in the stories section.
icon In Just Seven Days... 11-09-05 Inspired by a moment on Second Life. Jyrras belongs to Amber Panyko aka Miss Mab, and whomever created him originally.
icon Secret Santa - Clue by Four 12-16-05 I participated in a Secret Santa event arrranged on the DMFA boards and Deviantart, and I ended up with Kitty BlackRabbit as my subject. Here she is about to whap someone who needs it upside the head with her Clue-by-Four. Kitty is all Kitty's.
icon Felidravix 04-23-07 A pic I did for a rather confused otherkin(and my girlfriend at the time). Supposed to be a critter with elements of cats, foxes, and dragons, with some human skin as well as fur.
icon Real Body meme 09-05-09 I came across this meme on FA, and it actually inspired me to pick up a pencil again for the first time in a while. Basically, it can be summed up as "draw your character with your real body type" as opposed to the supermodel/bodybuilder body type a lot go with. So, I just drew myself as an anthro foxdragon, and there wasn't much difference from how I've normally had that form drawn... go fig.
icon Secret Santa - Pulse 12-24-09 A Secret Santa pic I did for a Draconic website at the end of '09. Pulse is all hers.

Gifts, Requests and Commissions

These are the pictures I either requested, got as a gift, or commissioned outright. In other words, this is where the good stuff is.

If you like the various artists enough, I've linked to their sites, so be sure to hit them up!

icon Misaluv Commission Not really a gift art as such, this is a commision I got back in early '04 from Misaluv. The URL to her site in the pic is dead, sadly, but her VCL account is still up, and still updated. Anyways, it was Llewelyn and his mate at the time, Jeska, and both belong to their players.
icon Shiekahn Gift Done by Shiekahn from the DMFA boards, in one of his "art rages." Llewelyn and his Warp-Aci from SL, Teletran.
icon JediWakura Gift I believe I mentioned a Secret Santa thing above? Here is what I received from it. Llewelyn as a fox pegging a snow leopard character of mine in the back of the head with a snowball. Jasmine Mistral and Llewleyn are both mine.
icon Foux Commission A commission through a good artist I encountered in Second Life. Chakat Swiftwind, just lounging around.
icon Kitsubaka Request A free sketch request of Chakat Swiftwind. I really like how the face came out on this one.
icon VampirePrincess007 Request A free sketch request of my quadraped form. A couple minor things are off, but for free, you can't argue with a pic that good.
icon Kloudmutt Request A free sketch request and first attempt at an anthro form of my foxdragon.
icon Reynard86 Request Another free sketch of the anthro form. Head came out a bit more dragon-like than I envisioned, but still very cool, and it's close to the Second Life avatar. Gives a good rogue-ish feel.
icon Exto Request A free sketch request and another attempt at the anthro form of my foxdragon. I was hitting up a bunch of request threads on the FA forums at the time to try and get a definitive picture without having to a commission potentially for something I wouldn't be happy with. In this case the artist was looking for anatomy practice.
icon Kitsubaka Request A very stylized rendition of the anthro form, done in a moment of boredom by the artist while Furaffinity was down.
icon Kalika Tybera Commission A conbadge commission, using the anthro form. Haven't gotten to use it much though, as I haven't been to many cons since getting it.
icon Zairiza Commission Gave up on getting what I wanted from a sketch, and started looking for artists who did inexpensive commissions and whose style I liked. Something about this artist's anthro dragons tickled my fancy, so got a commission of the anthro form from her.
icon Ryoken Gift I participated in another Secret Santa in '09, and recieved this awesome foxdragon pic.