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Greetings from your friendly neighborhood foxdragon, and welcome to my lair out here in cyberspace. In these days of MySpace and Facebook anyone can have their own little nook, but like apartments vs houses in the real world, sometimes having your own place has its own charm. Especially when you've had a site in some form for over 10 years.

So relax, grab your beverage of choice, and feel free to explore this little hoard of data created by, for, and about me.

Draconic pages

icon My Gallery A collection of art by and for me. Updated: 01/14/10
icon Stories Mostly backgrounds of various RPG characters I've created. Updated: 03/14/06
icon Miscellaneous Facts A few facts about me. Updated: 01/13/10
icon Characters Profiles of a few characters I've used online. Updated: 01/13/10
icon Web Lynx A few links I find interesting or useful. Updated: 01/15/10
icon Messages Comments, Suggestions, etc. I don't check this much, so your best bet to try to reach me is at the places mentioned above.

Other pages

icon Transformers The Transformers section. Updated: --/--/--
icon Zoids The Zoids section. Updated: --/--/--
icon Yuusha Robo The Braves section. Updated: --/--/--
icon Eldoran Robo The Eldoran section. Updated: --/--/--

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