The Library

These stories were originally backgrounds for various characters I created to use in Dungeons and Dragons games. Unfortunately, I have not been able to play any of them in a tabletop campaign. Instead, they found life on persistant world servers in Neverwinter Nights.

Up through Maeve, these characters ended up in the general region of Zhentil Keep, in the world of Faerun(Forgotton Realms) before the spellplague.

icon Jasmine's Tale: Birth of a Dragshasa How could a brass dragon and a rakshasa get together and have a child? It may seem a bit farfetched, but here's how it happened.
icon Jasmine's Tale: Breaking Free A look into the life of Jasmine Yumeryuu. Half-rakshasa and half-brass dragon, she had a hell of a life growing up, and in this you can discover some of the high(and low) points.
icon S'slith's Tale: Walking the Path of Dreams A lizardfolk lass carves out a destiny for herself after an unusual visit to her forest village.
icon Glen's Tale: Forging of a Paladin A human warrior remembers his past as he prepares to face the future.
icon Maeve's Tale: Flying Free Sit back and listen to the tale of an Avariel bard.
icon Maeve's Tale: A Dusty Book A few of Maeve's journal entries after arriving in the Zhentil Keep area.
icon Tigerlily's Tale: Tiger by the Tail The story of a tigress with a wild heart, caught among the planes.
icon Tigerlily's Tale: Cutting Through A (mis)adventure of a rakshasi in Sigil, and a discovery about herself.
icon Swiftwind's Tale: Life Changes A wemic(a kind of liontaur) finds her life taking new twists in ways she didn't expect.