Here are a few links to various pages.


Second Life Home Page
A 3D MUCK in my opinion(no matter what they call it). MUCK population has died back greatly in the few years since I last looked(except maybe Tapestries) and a lot of former MUCkers have found homes here. Be warned though that it's not the most... stable.. environment at times.

FurryMUCK Home Page
The original furry MUCK.

Tapestries MUCK Home Page
An adult furry MUCK.

Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK Home Page
A crazy furry-friendly MUCK.


A Furry image archive and community in the vein of DeviantArt. Also hosts stories and music.

An image(and community) site for the scalie persuasion.

The Velan Archive
An old image archive

A moderated furry image-sharing board.

An unmoderated furry image-sharing board, with a search engine.


Gold Digger Home Page
A good comic book about an adopted werecheetah and her family and friends.

Sabrina Online
The (mis)adventures of Eric Schwartz's Sabrina.

Dragon Tails
A comic about 8 young dragons and their misadventures.

Planes of Eldlor
A new webcomic with some excellent dragon art.


The Chakat's Den
Home to those tauric herms, the chakats, and their universe.
A personals site aimed towards the furry crowd.