Law And Order: Magical Victims Unit

Well the new season of anime has started across the ocean, and I”m not really finding much to interest me thus far as far as new shows.  Then again, I don’t really keep up with them like I did back in college.

The first one I picked up was Buddy Complex.  The premise is giant robots where the two pilots sync up to power up, and time travel.  The first episode took heavy cues from Terminator, plot-wise, then threw the protagonist into the future, at which point it feels like it’s become Gundam Lite with added “random engrish hinting at teh gay!” tossed in.  So far it hasn’t lost me, but now that the plot is in motion we’ll see what happens, since it’s supposed to be a short series.

The other one I just found out about tonight led tot he title of this post.  It’s called Wizard Barristers and the best description so far is action wizard paralegals in the near future. It takes the procedural style of all the various “law” shows, adds in magic and the usual “energetic child prodigy” stereotype, who has a perverted frog for a familiar.  And did I mention they can summon giant magic golems? I’ve never been big into the “law” shows, but I’ll give this one a couple episodes to decide, I guess.  So far it hasn’t turned me off of it, but it’s one of those I just don’t quite know what to make of it.

And older series I’m watching?  Pretty much the only anime still airing is Saint Seiya Omega, which is rumored to wrap up in about 11 more episodes.

There’s also Juuden Sentai Kyouryuger, which is also close to ending, and so far I doubt I’ll be following it’s sequel.  If so, this’ll be the first sentai since Go-Onger I’ve skipped.  On the other hand, I have Kamen Rider Gaim to carry me through that, as it’s feeling a hell of a lot like early Heisei rider, and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It’s got a good 30-40 episodes left.

And then there’s that new Sailor Moon anime… wonder if they’ll work form the manga or try to tell a new story.  Well, we’ll see.

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