My muse is a tease

A long while ago, I realized I didn’t have that great a talent for drawing, and mostly gave it up(with a few exceptions here and there under special circumstances).  On the other hand, all the RPing and such I had done online had shown me I was pretty good at being descriptive, so I went that route for the most part and stuck to stories.

I’m really beginning to think now that I should just stick to short stories – when I try anything longer, it tends to die out.  Twice now I’ve had a great idea for a story series, with 4 or 5 at least planned out in advance.  I created characters, worlds, timelines, the works.  In the first case I got two stories done before my muse went chasing after other shinies. On the bright side, the two together come to a decent conclusion of their own, and the ending was “Star Trek episode ending” level of open-ness, so it doesn’t look half-finished unless you’re already aware of the plans I had at the time.

After a couple half-hearted attempts at trying to start the third story, my muse latched on to a different idea.  But this one would be different!  I limited the characters, nailed down an idea of events for each story that were a bit more concrete, even wrote a timeline and enough details about the world that a RPG campaign could be set in it.  I knocked out the first story, but sat on it this time to see if that would help get me to finish it.

So far, the second story has yet to make it past two paragraphs.

Then I write another short story, and knock it out in one shot over a couple hours.

What makes having a muse with ADD even more annoying is I DID wrote a couple series of short stories a few years back that went for 4-5 installments – but in both of those cases none of it was planned out in advance.I did a fairly decent job I think of tying them up too, though I did consider continuing one of them. And again, once I planned it, it never happened. (Two of them did cross over once though, in the form of a quick cameo that someone who’d read both would catch.)

It seems like I do my best when I don’t plan and just let my muse chase her tail.  Any time I try at all to direct her, everything goes to pot.

It doesn’t even seem to happen with series either.  I had a neat idea after I finished my last story, but I still haven’t hit on a good way to put the concepts into play, and my muse is staying stubbornly silent.  It seems like she loves to flash, but doesn’t follow-through after.  It’s starting to feel like I may just have to drop this idea and throw it in the dustbin like a few others that this happened with.

Does anyone sell leashes for muses? Or at least leather straps?

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