*preens internally*

About to lift off when something caught the eye~

About to lift off when something caught the eye~

My first commissioned art piece in, well, years(besides the icon I’m using now).  Part of that is due to the way I’ve treated my budget: bills and get rid of debt, THEN enjoy what’s left, and try not to spend too much.  Been out of debt for close on a year now probably, but only just now getting around to artings, since I spent the last couple months splurging on Transformers to backfill my collection on figures I’d wanted but never got to get while I still have the disposable income to do it.  All told, I apparently spent $3k on plastic crack this year. x..x

Now that that’s all done now though, I can resume normal Transformers spending(maybe 1-2 figures a month, typically) and look to see if there’s anything else I’d like to spend on, before the move I have planned next year sometime, once my promotion at work goes through.

ANYWAYS, yay art!  I actually had two lists: the list of artists I like the style of and wanted art from, and the list of pictures I’d like to see.  Unfortunately, I found the two don’t intersect meaningfully. It also doesn’t help that while I’d like to see more pics like the above, I don’t have a concrete image in mind for what I really want, beyond the ideas that had already crossed my mind:

1) “I like big horns and I cannot lie” – This one actually isn’t a picture of moi, but a funny thought I had back in Cata, after noticing a certain pattern in WoW: Every single female dragon has huge horns(if they have a unique model) and the males don’t.  I mean, look at our cantidates: Onyxia, Alexstrasza, Ysera, the Handmaiden drakes, Tarecgosa.  Every one of them has huge horns.  So I thought, maybe that’s the WoW dragon equivalent of cleavage? It also helps explain why the Handmaidens have those horns – Alexstrasza is the aspect of -life- so of course her servants would fill out early.  I explained this to someone else and they brought up a mental image of Nefarian pulling a Sr Mix-a-lot with 3 black dragonflight drakes in the background as chorus girls.  While I think it would be a hilarious image, it’s 4 characters, and I don’t really want to pay a large amount for what amounts to a joke pic.

2) “IT foxdragon” – The second image idea I had – dragon!me with a headset and dragon-sized PC doing tech support.  A blending of both worlds essentially.  (It would probably also make a great wallpaper for my PC at work.)  Unfortunately, most of the artists I like for dragon stuff don’t do modern/techie stuff.

3) Something Sky Lynx-related.  – This came about due to the realization that G1 Sky Lynx in combined form is basically a giant robot dragon, and I started wondering what he’d look like as a dragon.  I couldn’t decide whether this would be a picture of dragon!Sky Lynx, or  dragon!me meeting Sky Lynx.  I don’t think either’s likely to happen though now again, due to lack of artists, and it’s also something I wouldn’t really want to spend a lot on.

So now it’s back to waiting for the remaining artists I want artses from to open for commissions, and hopefully in a price bracket I feel decent about spending on.  Good artists deserve a good price(and some still give awesome deals in that regard, if you convert the price to an hourly value) but until I’m stable in a good place, I sort of want to keep saving and not spend too much on anything.

Meh, I keep wanting to go off and talk about financial things(like living on half your take-home and putting the rest away) but that’s not what this post is for at least, and I don’t want it to turn into another dragonwall.

So enjoy artings!

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