Stay A While And Listen

Overdue for another post, looks like.  Got no real fancy ponderings going on this time, just time to look back at life and decompress.

First, an art update.  That speedpaint ended up with a pose that’s not quite something I would have done(though the thought has crossed my mind a few times) but the end result was, in a word, hot.  And that’s not so much my opinion, but several others have mentioned it, including an artist who’s also working on something of an adult nature for me.  This third piece will probably be the last one for a while, as I’m out of ideas on what other poses to get for the moment.  At this point I’m mostly just getting them to “test” the artist for the refsheet, as that is next on my agenda, besides the few remaining pictures sitting on my “To get” and “In Progress” lists.

At the moment I’m strongly inclined towards FsMaverick, who did the speedpainting, but she’s got a bunch of speedpaintings to knock out first to get caught up, and there’s still a couple other artists I’m eyeing too.  I missed out on a YCH pic would would have been perfect for me and my dragoness though from Natoli and Rastaban, but Natoli should be re-opening around the 6th and then I can get the pic I’ve been waiting on getting from them.  I’ve also got a message out to Sidian about a cute clean pic that I’m waiting to hear back on.

I canceled my WoW sub, and I didn’t miss much… the guild did Cata last two weeks so I was fine with missing it.  I tried Wildstar as it was in Open beta, but it didn’t feel right to me.  I love the ideas behind it but something in it was lacking for me.  Maybe art decisions?

On the other hand, I finally got D3 running properly on my machine and tried out the demo portion, and it was fun!  The gameplay actually felt like Diablo 2, and once I got used to the way the game worked again it felt right, and the demo ended way too soon. I thought about it a bit, and ended up buying the game and xpac.  Originally I was debating Istaria or Wildstar for my WoW-replacement game, but looks like it’s gonna be D3.

I started off with a Wizard, and my next character is going to be a Monk.  I have to say I’m enjoying the way the Wizard plays.  It’s not quite the same as my old D2 Wind Druid, but it’s close enough.  I haven’t looked much into builds or whatnot, but so far for leveling I finally found a combo that works for me where I use all my abilities, at least for leveling.  At the moment I’m using ice missiles combined with Disintegrate for my main attacks, and for my others I’m using Frost Nova, Hydra(Arcane currently), Magic Weapon, and Mirror Image.  It’s working fairly well for me for leveling at this stage, and once I get near the end or I start dying a lot then I may dig further into it.

Work-wise, I need to get around to studying for my Server+.  Unfortunately, the free study materials out there don’t look to be the best.  The crazy part is I’m doing server level work, but it’s all the terminology you gotta remember that’s prolly gonna cause me problems.  But still, I’ve got find time now for that between that, D3, and spending time with my girl.  She has D3, but hasn’t touched it yet… would be nice to play that with her, but she’s got so much other stuff it’s prolly gonna be a case of I’ll be playing it when she’s not around.

I should also start house-hunting again next month, as something I’ve been waiting on should be going through.  Need to wait to make sure, but then it’s looking for places.  I’ve also been doing some thinking and if things keep going as they have, I’m actually a fair bit more mobile than my dragoness is as far as moving.  She’s got her friends and her job down there, most of my friends right now are online or coworkers.  That’s still a ways in the future though, so not gonna worry my tail about it now.

Got nothing else really to talk about, so I’ll leave it there.  Until next time!

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