*strokes ego*

Llewelyn by Leilryu


Leilryu wasn’t originally on my “to get art from” list, but after his great icon, I just had to get a real piece when he opened up again.  Look at me, aren’t I awesome?  To paraphrase a quote I came across elsewhere, confidence is sexy, and what’s more confident than a 20′ tall, scaled, X-breathing, flying creature, full of teeth and claws?  (I say X-breathing because the original quote was fire, and if I did breathe anything besides air, it definitely wasn’t fire.)

There’s still a couple other artists on my list, but they haven’t opened up yet since I started watching.  At least I think they haven’t…. Asyd Rayn’s been posting some stream sketches lately from Tigerdile, but it looks like those were folks may have already been on her commission list.  Aaros recently got a new tablet, so I may get something from him too, in the near future.  No open CITMON slots yet though from Rastaban. :<

I’m also making decent progress on the story I’m writing.  I just uploaded the first part to SF, the second part is complete, and I’ve started on the third.  I’ve got a fairly good idea where that one will end, and vague ideas for at least 2 more after that – one of those being the ending I’ve had in mind pretty much since the start.  I’ve been making a point to write at least a bit each day so I don’t lose steam, and it seems to be working.  If I complete them all, it’ll be the longest story part-wise that I’ve written so far.  I don’t know about page-wise though, and each part is coming to about 8-9 pages in OOo when I throw it in there to spellcheck.

But now that the first part’s up, we’ll see if it becomes as popular as some of my other series.  I’m still a bit surprised that my stuff made it up to within the top 250 most popular stories of its type on SF!  Even more amusing, one of my stories that has 2/3 the favorites(67 compared to 99) has almost half again as many views(3.2k vs 2.3k), and it’s one I wouldn’t have expected to be that much more often read.

If only I could draw like I can write….

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