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Everything in Its Place

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my longer term projects was organizing my Images folder, containing everything from Autobots to zat-guns.  Most of that is also completed, as I stated earlier, leaving pretty much just the arts of the fur.   The problem is now that I’m torn on how I want to go about it again.

When I first started, I pretty much kept everything segregated by artist.  Great if I wanted to find a certain style, or remembered who did a certain pic, but it was all spread out over many folders, even leaving some with just one or two files.

I got tired of maintaining that, and had gone to more f-chan style, organizing by the content type, and then somewhat by Species.  I say only somewhat because I never finished reorganizing, leaving about half the images in artist folders, and some in the content folders never got sorted by species.  It also doesn’t help I didn’t know how to handle pics with multiple characters.

I didn’t want to have to browse to every folder when I saved files, so I just saved to a New folder to move later.  For a while, this worked, but then I got lazy about this too and eventually filled the new folder with a mixture of all types of images.

This left me with some images in artist folders, some in New, and some in the content folders.  I was stuck on a good way until I recalled that gThumb has tagging capabilities, so when this reorganization started I had planned to go back with the artist folders, tag everything else on the images, and make liberal use of gThumb’s search function.

I got started on that, and then actually began to realize how many images I had.  It’s something I can do over a period of time, but I also had a bunch of art I don’t know the artist for, which I’ve acquired from various sites.  I originally was going to put this under Unknown Artist and go back to content folders under that.

However, I recently came across some discussion of this sort of thing, and one of the ways they sorted theirs was by species.  This would actually be a fairly clean way to do it I think, and provides for better integration of folders for taurs and such things that defy standard classification.  It also may make it easier to find a specific type or art I might want to look for.

If I go this way though, I’d still want to tag the content tags on it, and I’m not sure how I should handle the artist.  I’d still want that information somewhere, but I don’t know if it’d be better to put it in the image metadata or just in the filename(for those images not from FA).  I’m already using the description field in the image metadata to store character information, if it’s a picture of one of the usual commonly commissioned characters, such as Byzil or Slither.

So in short, I went from Point A, to partway to point B, stopped at a rest stop, started to go back to point A, and now I’m looking at an exit ramp to point C and pondering  drive times.

I’ve asked a few times on FA, but since I don’t post much of anything of course I don’t really get much int he way of responses.  I’m seriously considering the last method though – I just need to figure out how to handle artist data.  And do it before my current New folder ends up like my last one. <..<

“D”, DD, and Dragon Myself Around

First off, probably going to get into some mature subject matter, so be prepared!

I just recently found out about a new manga called D.Y.N. Freaks.  It just started back middle of last year I believe, but it’s not only by the author of Demonbane, it features the big “D” himself, after a fashion!

For those not familiar, Demonbane is basically a Super Robot VN(Visual Novel) borrowing heavily from HP Lovecraft.  Put simply, the protagonist works with a living embodiment of the Necronomicon to take half of the powers of the Lovecraft universe and use them as weapons in a giant robot against the other half in the middle of Arkham.  The original “game”(as VNs are basically choose-your-own-adventure novels in the form of a PC program) was also an adult game, with plot-related sex scenes, which honestly are mostly played for humor than anything else.  They put out a all-ages-friendly version of it too, as well as a semi-sequel, but only the adult version was ever translated to English.  They also made an anime version, but it cut out half the plot and some major characters, so it ends up rather disjointed if you aren’t already familiar with the story from the VN.

This manga appears set in one of the Demonbane universes(and I can’t really explain that without spoilers), but in Y City.  It involves some artifacts of the various Elder Gods and Outer Beings that have infected people, making them into “mages” who can access that power, or get used by it. From the four chapters translated so far, the D is for Demonbane, the Y is for a mage who has the pwoers of Yog Sottoth, and the N is for the third main character, who dons the mask of Nyarlathotep.  He puts out a sort of Kamen Rider vibe, especially considering he has the Hunting Horror, a souped-up magical bike that was only in one of the Demonbane story paths.

Either way, more Demonbane action gets me very hype.  Now I just have to wait for more to get scanlated.

The second point I wanted to cover was the double-D or why the heck everyone seems to love oversized breasts.  (I said it might cover some mature stuff!)  It’s not that I don’t find breasts attractive, but they have to match the body they’re on!

I guess it comes down to proportions.  For smaller girls, a smaller bust is just fine.  If you’re a twig, you shouldn’t have balloon breasts the size of your head!  On the other hand, if you’ve got some meat on your bones, bring on the C and D cups!  Maybe DD too, but after that you start hitting the “too much of a good thing” level, unless you’re getting further into fantasy races.  (Then again, there are some who say anything more than a nice handful is a waste – but then how big are your hands?)

There’s also anthromorphization of existing characters where it can get distasteful real fast too.  I was poking around Second Life and came across some MLP furry avatars where someone had made them all very well-endowed.  In my opinion, a lot of those didn’t really fit for what I would envision, if you were trying to stay true to the character.  But instead, you end up with the “if it’s female, must attach huge bazongas!” approach.

Taurs have the body-mass to balance a larger bustline visually though, I have to admit.  As for dragonesses – if they’re anthro, my above guidelines stay.  If you’re dealing with a standard quad(“feral”) dragon, then no.  Just, no.

I’m not sure if I really made a point there but I wanted to get it off my chest. (*snrk*)

I also managed to get in touch with some of the other old-time folks from the Isle of Wyrms in SL, and Limbo actually did used to be Lyre.  The original Cathedral and Limbo sims had to go because of tier prices, so Daryth converted Hedgetopia to a new Cathedral sim, and Lyre became Limbo.  The first move was already done, but Limbo is still waiting for a rebuild to turn it back into itself.  Gertie and a few of the hatchies also bought one of the other sims, to “keep it in the family.”

I then went through to see what still existed of my old landmarks, and ended up deleteing at least half of them.  There were a few of those places that I was sad to see go:

  • Lost Furest is completely gone.  Cheetah took a slightly longer break than I did, and it closed down in the meantime, but she plans to get another sim eventually, someday.
  • I took a longer look at Furnation.  They had to do the same as IoW, and the current Prime sim isn’t the original Prime sim.  The two sandbox sims are gone, leaving a single sandbox crammed back into Prime’s space.  All the rest has gone to either residential, or a (admittedly very pretty) natural park area.  There’s still a few landmarks there though I recognize, such as the Luxor pyramid, the not-a-sphinx, and Club Fur.  Heck, I have a screenshot from early 2006 of me entering Club Fur!
  • The Sci-Fi museum at Indigo is sadly no more.  They had some awesome displays, including a to-scale model of a Klingon Bird of Prey you could walk around in.
  • Arador is completely gone.  It was one of the few non-RP places that dragons congregated at that I knew of.
  • Not really a sim per se, but Reverie Animations is completely gone now from SL.  They had some great animations at decent prices, but there’s no more stores of theirs in SL anymore, anywhere.
  • Also in that vein, the stores for Aventity Avatars, whose fox provided the ears for my avatar, seem to have disappeared.  Where the main store used to sit is now part of Furnation’s natural park area.

After that, I did do a little exploring using the search function, to try and find someplace else to hang out at.  I didn’t have much luck with that, but I found a few things:

  • Midgar is still Midgar i.e. FF7 RP bonanza.  It was packed on the map, but I wasn’t looking for RP, so I didn’t stop by.  They’ve been going however since 2006.
  • The awesome life-size mecha statues are still in the Akira sim, though they’ve been cut back a lot.  Now it’s just Daitarn 3 and the rusted Dougram, with no sign of Grendizer or the other two that had been there.
  • The Monster’s Garage store with all the Ultraman-related avatars is still there, but no new avatars still from when I was there last over 2 years ago.
  • The maker of my Sidetrack transforming Micromaster avatar is still around and has added a ton of new Micromaster avatars(and some Minicons too).  If I wasn’t watching my spending, I could probably blow a lot there easily.
  • Grendel’s is still around, but with fewer sims again
  • Sylver’s Kinzart Kreetures store is still kicking, and a lot bigger than it used to be.
  • The Dr Who-related sim, the Three Minute City, is still around also.  Didn’t stop by there this time however as I haven’t been keeping up with New Who.
  • I also found a great mecha-based sim with it’s own combat system and a lot of designs derived from Battletech(but not all).  They even have a free Kit Fox/Uller av to start you off!(And a Hatchetman too.)
  • The only two non-RP, non-store places that mentioned Dragons other than as a generic place were Ryu Valley, which apparently still has its awesome Macro room, and The Scaly Spot, which from the description was a sex/dance club for scalies and scalie lovers.  The former was fairly empty(and I didn’t see a way to the Macro room, though I didn’t look too hard because of that) and the only ones I saw at the latter club were “escorts.”

That sort of leads to another pet peeve of mine, or at least it reminded me it existed: why are most gathering places some combination of sex club, dance club, or RP?  There’s not a lot of places where you can just chill and chat about random things, it just seems like.  It seems like a lot of furry places especially end up as combination sex/dance clubs – at least the ones with any sort of population(barring Luskwood, which has been around forever).  Maybe I’m just getting too old for this, but where are all the sane, not-constantly-horny, intelligent folks at?

And where did all the dragons go?

I Am Dragon

I’m just as human as everyone else here, unless someone invented AI and didn’t tell the rest of the world.  And yet, I still call myself dragon as well. Why?  It all comes back to identity.

As I said in my previous entry, quite a few people’s self-images are simply idealized images of their physical bodies.  They tie themselves very tightly to the here-and-now.  Separate themselves from their body, and they would still take that general form.  Just so I don’t have to keep typing “idealized self-image” over and over, I’m going to borrow a term I came across elsewhere and call it their soulshape.

Then you have furries.  Excluding those who simply enjoy the art, a lot of them take on a furry persona aka fursona.  For some, this is simply the above example, but with an animal head, tail, fur, and sometimes wings.  Sometimes the animal(s) chosen is because of some attribute assigned to that type, such as foxes being sly, or wolves being loners or pack animals.  Other times, it’s just because they like some aspect about that kind of critter, such as a snow leopard’s overly fluffy tail.  Still, for a lot of them, if you ask them to picture themselves in their mind’s eye without any further detail, you can bet their mental image is their fursona.  It may have been a conscious decision or unconscious reactions due to using it all the time, but gradually a lot of them make it part of themselves, of their identity, over time.

You can probably thank the internet in part for that.  As it grew, people were able to meet and talk, in real-time, without any physical representation of themselves other than what they may choose.  Before that, you could only interact with others in meatspace, and there you were stuck with what you were given at birth. Now however, thanks to cyberspace, you can represent yourself however you wish, allowing formerly hidden facets to be displayed and come to light.

With the ability for identity to be more fluid and not forced into a single bodyplan, more outre combinations began to show up as well.  One well-known example is the race of chakats, created by Bernard Doove.  His race of tauric felinoid hermaphrodites(wow, that’s a mouthful) were created in their entirety originally by him, complete with a culture of sorts as well, and a lot of people dove into it with a will.  No doubt some were for sexual reasons, but there are a lot of “chakats” out there who recognized that it was a good representation of how they felt about themselves(setting aside the felitaur portion of things).  Human representations of hermaphrodites usually either fall into fetish material or “uncanny valley” territory, but furry provides an outlet for those who do feel themselves as both male and female, and a pre-built framework such as the chakats provides a handy tool for that sort of thing.  There’s also other bits of their culture as well, such as the multi-tiered approach to relationships that a lot have found fitting, and have adopted for themselves.

Then there are those who have gone a step beyond even that in their exploration of their identity: therians and otherkin.  Where the furries are usually human+, ‘kin tend to identify as non-human, period.  Whether that be a wolf who was reincarnated as a human, or an elf who was simply born in the wrong body, or simply a person with a dragon spirit along for the ride in your body, they all have that aspect in common:  their physical body has nothing to do with who they are, apart from acting as a filter.

To use a computer analogy, most people run Human OS on Human hardware.  Furries run a furry shell over Human OS on Human hardware.  ‘Kin run <whatever> OS on Human hardware.

Needless to say, this causes a lot of drama and confusion, as the masses who may not grasp the concept point and laugh, saying they’re stupid because if you look at them, they’re obviously human!  This then is fueled by the ‘kin in question flatly denying it(because as far as they’re concerned, they aren’t), leading to much trolling on the human side, and much wailing about “evil humans” and “fursecution” on the ‘kin side.

Not all ‘kin, however, renounce humanity and try to separate themselves completely from it. There are plenty of well-adjusted ‘kin out there who do acknowledge that they’re running on human hardware, regardless of how well it fits their soulshape, to mix terms and metaphors.  They just tend to be less noticeable than the more vocal “humans are evil!” crowd.

Then there are also those who use otherkin/therian as another mask, rather than the taking off of one that the idea suggests.  Typically these are younger folk who have had a troubled life of some kind, and are trying to find a way to run away and hide,  They come across the concept, and then you end up with the “OMG I was a dragon in a past life that was a king and a wizard, and every night I must fight secret astral wars against the hordes of Chaos to prevent them reaching the real world and I’m the only one who can do this because I’m super special awesome!”  Just, no.

In otherkin circles this is known as fluff, and the degree to which its tolerated depends on the community. Most of this type will move on after a few years, as they realize that they’re merely running away from themselves, rather than trying to truly examine and reveal who they are.  There are always those who after shaving all the fluff off still find that the shoe fits, and they tend to become the second type I mentioned as they re-integrate themselves.

It all comes back to identity.  Everything I’ve discussed so far is just labels, and as I said in the previous entry, labels are dangerous.  Again, however, that’s something better discussed as a topic all its own, so I won’t get into it here either.  The point I’m trying to get at however, is that our soulshape is a major part of our identity, like it or not.

Bringing it back full circle, where does that leave me?  Yes, I’m human, but like some of the examples above, my soulshape is not.  When I close my eyes and try to picture myself, I have to work at it to imagine my human body, and a much easier time picturing the dragon you see in various places on this site.  When I look in the mirror, I know it’s me, and my mind tells me it’s me.  Yet, it doesn’t feel like me, if that makes any sense.  It’s a part of my identity, my self, but it doesn’t feel as significant as my dragonself.

Maybe a little history will help.  Years and years ago, when I was younger, I had gotten into furry, but I had yet to come up with a fursona.  I, like a lot of others, liked wildcats and wolves, but neither really fit.  The I realized or came across the idea that foxes were halfway-between the two.  (It also helped that I considered myself somewhat smart, and foxes were known for being sly.)  When I finally started venturing out online, I combined that with a ranger character I had created for my representation out on the interwebs.

The RP portions fell away pretty quickly, but the fox part stuck, and stuck with me for several years. Still, like I mentioned above, it was generally my physical self with fox head, tail, and fur.  (I sometimes even had a tendancy to base the fur color on my hair color, since I am a redhead.) Then, I encountered Second Life.

My first fox avatar was fairly cruddy, as things go, but over several months I fine-tuned it to be closer and close to what I then considered my soulshape, even if I did not see it or consider it such back then.  Once it was all exact however, it still did not feel… complete.  Then a friend of mine introduced me to ‘taurs.

I then experimented a bit with them, to the point of creating a chakat character.  I basically asked myself if I was going to be a chakat, what would I be?  Once the newness wore off however, it was not very long before I lost interest in the character as a representation and shed it from my identity like a snake shedding its skin as it grows.

When I returned to Second Life, I tried a dragon avatar and found it a decent fit, as I’ve said before.  I also met one of my ex-girlfriends at around the same time, and at her request I pulled the fox avatar back out again for a while, to match her black vixen fursona.  It worked, but I found it didn’t fit quite right anymore, like trying to put on a pair of old pants after having lost 60 pounds.

Still, I found myself reluctant to give up the fox portion of my identity, as it had been a part of me for at least 6 or 7 years(longer, really), and for all I knew at the time, the dragon stuff might only have been a phase like ‘taurs were.  So, I decided to try blending the two.

Using various avatars as tools, I started modding and tweaking, trying to distill it down.  Rather than furry crossbreed legos, I was aiming for a complete blend.  A clear, perfect facet of myself, an answer to the question “Who are you?”.  Looking at the past 7 years, you could say that I’ve succeeded.

Ironically, what started as an attempt to preserve the “foxiness” has in the end almost entirely eliminated it.  Honestly, my dragonself is really foxlike in name only, as any features atypical of a Western-style dragon could just as easily be attributed to Eastern-style dragons.  I actually find this very fitting symbolicly, considering how I’ve grown up in the Western world but I’ve also internallized quite a bit of the Far East(or at least Japan) as well.  There’s other symbolic parallels I could name, but this entry is long enough as it is.

I also know for sure that Second Life is not the cause, as between work and WoW, I basically did not touch SL for about 2 years before returning for a short bit this past week. Even still, I never felt the need to stop representing myself as such in that time, and my dragon avatar still fit like a glove(within SL’s limitations) when I logged in.  I am human, but like it or not, I am also dragon.

FYIAD - Deal with it.

*puts on sunglasses*

FurAffinity vs SoFurry vs Weasyl

Hopefully this post will be a bit shorter since for once this isn’t an end-of-day post, but something that had been on my mind as something I wanted to discuss.  Now I’m not exactly an artist, as I haven’t drawn anything in years, but I have written some stories here and there.  I’ve also commissioned some art in the past and more recently, just to give you an idea of where I’m coming from in my opinions.  A heavy user/artist might look at things differently, etc etc.


One of the oldest art sites still running, bar VCL(if it still exists) and Furnation(If that really counts, as it is more of a general webhost).  Over time due the the lack of a TwitSpaceBook site for the furry community, the community sort of shangahied it into that role, despite the best(and continuing) efforts of the admins.  Their intention is a place to put up art that was done “by you/for you” but over time they’ve narrowed that definition, and clarified parts of it.

For example, Second Life.  Originally, there were very few restrictions on what could be uploaded of SL pictures, then there started to be a large force of furs who put up random pictures of their stock avatar(about 75% of the time probably in a sexual pose).  This annoyed a vocal minority of users who disliked Second Life in and of itself, and the admins added a restriction to the number of shots you could have of each avatar.  Eventually that wasn’t enough and they then moved to only allowing collages and requiring a significant amount of user modifications.  Their justification each time was that the users could post the pics on Imageshack or TwittTumblrBook if they wanted to share them as there was no creativity involved, and there were too many for them to police themselves.

Eventually, they banned SL content all together on everyone’s main gallery, despite there being actual heavy creative work involved whether modding(like my avatars) or work form scratch, just because they didn’t want to deal with the arguments and fights any longer.  All because some users wanted to post pictures of “themselves” and their friends, just like they would on any other social networking site.

In the years since I found the site, it has changed very little on the outside.  A new color scheme, but mostly lots of back-end work to keep up with the heavy demand.  There was talk years ago of a FA 2.0 but so far it has yet to materialize.  The front page layout lends itself well to art of a visual nature, taking top billing, with seperate sections below for literature and for audial art.  All it shows though is a bunch of thumbnails, but mousing over gives a small pop-up of the description, not leaving you totally in the dark.  It also only shows the most recent uploads on the front page.

User pages are fairly basic as well, with places for your most recent favorites, most recent uploads, a shoutbox, a spot to feature your favorite submission, a slot for a visual profile ID thing(one of the few actual new features I can recall being put in), and a spot above it for all the text and icons you may want to put in.  In practice, from what I said above about the community looking at it more as a social networking site than a pure art site, that profile box will sometimes take up a full monitor screen’s worth of space before you get to any submissions as they try to squeeze in all the detail they would normally have elsewhere.  it’s also the only place you really have any customization beyond that provided.

Overall, it probably compares favorably to DeviantArt, with less customization on the user profiles, and some disagreement between the admins and the userbase on the purpose of the site.


Once upon a time this was purely an erotic story archive called YiffStar, before it changed hands and became the more general art site it is today.  This has both good and bad points, but one theing they haven’t done is stay stagnant, with a 3.0 of the current site already in testing.

The front page has changed with the versions, and true to its roots it feels a lot more suited to posting stories than either FA or Weasyl.  In large part this is because the stories submission, instead of just giving you a thumbnail, gives you a title, 5-star rating, and tags to give you an idea of what the story is about.  It also gets even billing with the art at the top of the page, though still separated.  Art is shown as thumbnails still, but that is also fitting.

The purpose of thumbnails, you see, is that it’s supposed to give you a quick idea of the contents of the submissions so you can decide if you want to actually look at it or not, rather than making it a throw of the dice.  i’d argue that their current approach to story submissions is really the text version of a thumbnail, and more appropriate for the medium than a possibly somewhat-related random picture in a tiny square.

Below that, they have photos and music separated out into their own sections.  I kind of like that they have photos separated, as it leans towards preventing the kind of kerfluffle that led towards a lot of FA’s restrictions.  The photos have normal thumbnails(as is proper) but the music has tags and rating, like the stories.  If it were me, I’d probably have a 10-sec or 15-sec clip you can play from there to act as a true music “thumbnail”.

Another nice trick is that they have an option to view the most “popular” submissions, instead of most recent.  It is the default as well, however, so it somewhat ends up in a feedback loop that drives certain submissions higher and higher.  It’s sad to say(and I wish it were otherwise) that if you were to look at it with all filters off, maybe twice in a week will there be something non-sexual in the “most popular” section.  Still, they also provide true filters(working via the tagging system) so you can hide what you don’t want to see, and the algorithm that picks what to display will adjust accordingly.

The user page itself is similar to FA’s, but with a bit more customization.  Stories take top billing here, and content is again separated by type, as opposed to FA”s “lump it all together”.  Journals are moved to the bottom, discouraging use of it as a blogging platform.  In addition to avatars, you can add a banner here as well across the top of the profile page, and both banners and avatars will automatically adjust what is available based on the maximum rating you set; from G all the way to X.

That all said, the preview of the 3.0 version of the site I’m not sure is better.  Rather than having all the media separated by type, it puts them all together, fitted into a grid ala Windows 8. There is supposed to be a list option too, but no preview of that yet.  Stories will have all the current information it looks like, but with a short description added, and possibly limited on the number of displayed tags(as that part isn’t clear).  You can still toggle between the various types instead.  Bio/profile and journal also share space, with a toggle, which I’m not so sure is an improvement.  Favorites don’t appear to have a display by default at all, just a link to get to them.  It all feels like a lateral move rather than a straight improvement(apart from the fact it fixes some scaling issues).

Overall, great site for stories compared to the others, but if you’re looking for visual art, it tends to be a bit of a second-class citizen in some respects.  The redesign coming aims to fix that, but we’ll see if the story focus is still there, or if literature becomes a second-class like FA.


I’ve got probably the least to say about this site. The newest(relatively) on the block, they’re still technically in Beta, but it might as well be a Google-style Beta at this point.

The front page in some ways feels like a darker-colored clone of FA’s, except that the “recent submissions” section puts everything together, with standard image thumbnails.  When you mouse-over, it gives no extra information on it other than title, so no way to tell if it’s a story, image, or something else.  If it had the FA-style description popup, it wouldn’t be as bad, but currently I’d rate it the poorest of the three in regards to the new submissions section.(On the other hand, as started they were still iterating and this could change.)

Below that however is a nice new feature where they display 10 random submissions from the entire site.  A good way to promote older work, without running into the feedback loop of making popular stuff more popular.

The bottom of the page, besides the standard set of links, also offers promotion of artists wanting critique, and current streaming.  SoFurry does the latter, but not the former, and FA does neither.  An excellent idea to help growing artists.

The userpage design is somewhere between FA and SoFurry, and probably the cleanest of the three in presentation.  In keeping with the non-separation of content, there is a filmstrip-style row at the top of the screen that shows the most recent submissions of that user.  Like SoFurry(and unlike FA) it also implements folders to organize your submissions, and shows those below.  It also displays your most recent art upload, but only for a time..  This is actually a rather nice idea, because it means you aren’t going to have the same image displayed prominently for long periods of time.

One innovative feature it has is a new submission type called “characters”.  Unlike the other site, it has a place to put all your “OC donut steel” creations, complete with a visual piece about them, rather than having them lumped in with other artwork submissions.  If you’re a heavy commissioner, I can see that as being a godsend, as you can simply link the artist you hire straight to a refpage and description, and easily keep it updated.

The other trick it has going for it is a feature called Collections.  Aimed at commissioners, when an artist uploads a piece they can send a message to the person who commissioned it, and if the person accepts, it gets added to their Collections page.  This way, it avoids duplicated content(one of the things causing FA’s back end to groan) while still allowing the commissioner to display their purchase with all their other stuff.  However, it depends on both commissioner and artist being on Weasyl, and the artist sending the collection request.  Originally you had to be the artist when Weasyl first came out, but because of the limitations I just mentioned, they changed their minds and just like FA you can upload anything “by you/for you”.


FA is the 800-pound bobcat on the block due to user intertia.  It’s the most basic of the three, but between artists wanting to go where the most users are and users wanting to go where the most artists are, it keeps trundling along on that feedback loop and user inertia.  It’s best suited for traditional art in my opinion.

SoFurry, true to its roots is the best place if you want to post stories and literature currently, but if you want to post any non-adult work of any kind, be prepared to not see much response unless it’s really good. (To be fair though, that last part is a failing on all three really, due to the nature of the userbase.)  The revamp may or may not change that, but it’s still a ways off as it was still in the alpha stages a month ago.

Weasyl feels like FA+ right now.  It has a similar bias towards traditional art, though more through the nature of their thumbnail system than by design.  The design in general though looks like someone got fed up with FA not updating, took a long hard look at it and asked “how can I do this, but better?”  Due to FA having the lion’s share of activity however, the only time it sees a lot of traffic is when FA is down, and from all reports it’s level of traffic is inverse to FA’s.  After the last FA downtime I’ve seen a minor push from artists to move to Weasyl, but we’ll see if that continues.


…well this ended up being the longest entry yet.  I guess I got a bit more into going over the details than I expected.