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Worlds of Whimsy Addendum: Cybertronians

As promised, here is a writeup of a Transformer-like race for use in Pathfinder!  I borrowed a bit from the IDW background, but otherwise tried to make it fit in a Pathfinder-style universe naturally.  For reference, this was designed around 20 Racial Points(excluding the alternate mode trait) when referring to the Advanced Racial Guide, and the costs of each trait are noted below.  This means that it’s built for higher power campaigns, but not to the level of pure cheese ideally.



Cybertronians are a race of mechanical outsiders that originated when a portion of Mechanus was merged with a portion of the Prime Material Plane. While it is known what happened, the cause has been lost to the mists of time – whether it be a mage’s experiment, or the aftereffect of a clash between deities.

Physically, they appear much like metal men in armor. Each Cybertronian is different however, whether it be in color, or the design of their limbs and body. Some even do not appear to have a normal mouth or face, although in such cases they are still able to speak normally though other components inside their heads.

New Cybertronians are actually born from the ground of their homeland itself. Every so many hundred years, a portion of the landscape will light up with new sparks, which are then harvested and placed into generic bodies that they have nicknamed protoforms. The body will then mold to the unique characteristics of each spark, resulting in a fully formed and cognizant adult Cybertronian.

Currently they are governed by a Senate in name, but the Senate in turn unofficially answers to a faction calling themselves the Functionists. The Functionists argue for a return to the strict caste-based society styled after Mechanus, where every Cybertronian has their place and can never change it, barring exceptional circumstances. There are rumors of a gladiator and former miner beginning to gather an army to oppose them, but others have left for distant lands to escape the Functionists’ oppression.

Basic Racial Traits

– Ability Score Racial Traits: Cybertronians are strong and hardy, due to their mechanical nature, but this also inhibits their ability to relate to a degree. As a result, they gain +2 to Strength and Constitution, but a -2 to Charisma (1 RP)
– Size: Cybertronians are medium creatures by default, granting them no bonuses or penalties.
– Base Speed: Cybertronians have a base speed of 30 feet.
– Languages: Cybertronians begin play speaking Common and Neocybex. Additional possible languages are: Draconic, Elven, Dwarven, Orc, Undercommon, Infernal, Celestial
– Senses: Cybertronians have Darkvision out to 60′. (3 RP)
Other Racial Abilities

– Constructed: For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger’s favored enemy and bane weapons), Cybertronians count as both Outsider(native) and constructs. Cybertronians gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects, are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects. (2 RP)
– Metal body: Cybertronian bodies are made of a strange alloy that no smith has yet been able to replicate. Due to this. they gain Damage Reduction 5/magic, as well as Resistance 5 against cold, fire, and acid. However, the nature of their construction also causes Vulnerability to electric attacks. (5 RP)
– Spark: Unlike other construct-like creatures, Cybertronians have a soul, but it is not quite the same as that of most biological beings. This grants them 5 resistance vs negative energy and a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school. They also do not lose HP with negative levels gained. (3 RP)
– Arcane Adaptation: Due to their origins in a magical experiment, Cybertronians are sometimes able to shrug off magical effects that would otherwise harm them. They naturally have a spell resistance of 6 + character level. (2 RP)
– Natural Weaponry: Cybertronians are able to tranform their hand and forearm into a powerful weapon as a free action. This allows them the use of “Scorching Ray” as an at-will ability based on their character level. (4 RP)

– Alternate Mode: All Cybertronians have an alternate form they can take. It takes a standard action to change between forms. At creation, choose one of the following options:

  • Vehicle: You take the form of a mechanical vehicle of some fashion. You gain either 120′ ground move, 90′ flight(average), or 120′ swim, chosen at creation, but are unable to attack or manipulate objects. You may carry one passenger of Small size or smaller.
  • Animal: You take on the form of an animal. Treat this as Beast Shape I, except that the choices are made at creation and cannot be changed. Also, all traits of this race are kept in this form except for the Natural Weaponry trait.

– Mode Rescan: On leveling, a Cybertronian may replace their alternate mode with a different one. However, this requires much focus and strain on the body, and takes a week’s time to complete. During this time the Cybertronian will be unconcious and cannot be woken while their body reconfigures itself to its new form.


Racial Feats

Additional Alternate Mode: Prereq: Cybertronian, BAB +10 – Gain an additional alternate mode.

Combat Vehicle: Prereq: Cybertronian, Vehicle alternate mode, BAB +5 – You may now use the Natural Weaponry racial trait while in your alternate mode.


Race Traits

Stasis Lock – Once per day, when you are dying you may automatically stabilize by entering Stasis Lock.

Beast Skin: Prereq: Animal alt mode – When transformed, you only count as the racial type of your alt mode.  e.g. if you have a leopard alt mode you count as a Beast in alternate mode, and no longer count as outsider or construct for the purposes of spells and abilities such as Bane.



Giant Robot: Increase size to Large, with all benefits and penalties.  Note that while this is closer to the actual Cybertronian concept, it carries with it drawbacks due to living in a Medium-sized world.  It is considered more powerful as well due to the combat benefits it provides.

Pretender: Add an additional alternate mode that must be a standard humanoid.  While in this mode, you lose the Natural Weaponry and Metal Body racials, and you can only access robot mode from this mode.  Similarly, you can only enter this mode from robot mode.

Fuzors: Combine traits from two animals into a single alternate mode.  Gain all applicable movement speeds, taking the best of each type.  Repeat for natural attacks. Note that you must be able to come up with a valid way to combine these, such as combining a wolf and an eagle to get a griffon-like wolf.  The end result must be medium-sized(or large-sized if using the Giant Robot variant above).

Minicons: If a Cybertronian gains a familiar, treat it like the Tumor Familiar discovery for Alchemists. Note that this does not apply to beast companions, which must still follow all standard rules for such.  The Familiar also receives the Constructed and Metal Body racial abilities as above.

Yes, Burd is the word

Specifically tweeting birds.. a twitter, you could say.

I’ve had a gmail since the invite days, but in the past few years as google has consolidated some of its domains, I’ve had several different people think my e-mail is theirs.  There’s a guy in South Africa, a guy in the UK, and a few others I have yet to identify.  Remember folks, count your Ls and make sure if you are using a county code(.co.za) use that and NOT .com!

Anyways, due to this I’ve occasionally been signed up for things against my will.  Most of these I’ve just canceled the subscription if it was a mailing list, or just removed my e-mail if not.  A couple times I’ve had to reset the password first to get in.

This sort of thing though left me with a Facebook account, and more recently a Twitter account.  The Facebook one I threw a few pics up on and a statement to whomever tried to open it that I’m not that guy and to stop trying to sign up things with my e-mail.  I’m not overly fond of Facebook’s data collection practices, so I’ve got little interest in making use of it, other than making sure that I don’t get spammed from it.  The twitter though I’ve been thinking about actually using.

The first thing though, is what would I use it for?  While this time I didn’t feel like totally abandoning it, I was torn on how to use it.  One thing that seemed obvious is mirroring my posts here to it(and which you should see as this is the first post since activating the integration).  That led to the thought of using it like a short version of this blog.  In other words, use it when I want to just shout something out to the wilds of the internet, or have something I feel like sharing in general but not specifically with anyone.

Which brought to mind another quandry – what about mature topics and such?  My galleries all require membership in whatever site they’re on to see the adult content.  Unfortunately, Twitter is all-or-nothing on protecting your tweets.  Either every tweet is protected, or none of them.

While finding that out, I read a little something on the philosophy why: Facebook is for the friends you have already, while Twitter is for people who could be friends but may not already be yet.  Regardless of if you agree or not, that does seem to be the thought process behind not having a granular system for protecting tweets.

The solution I’d seen to this was most folks have an AD or After Dark account which is for the fun adult stuff, while their main account is strictly for SFW content.  After a bit of thought, I’ve gone ahead to do the same.  It unfortunately doesn’t let me use the same exact e-mail, but using the googlemail version goes to the same place and prevents someone else from signing up with my info again by accident

Now I ran into another issue – I can’t sign into both at once in the same browser, so I wouldn’t be able to just track it all in Chrome like I had been thinking. I hadn’t used workspace 3 in a while of my 4 workspaces(1 is main, 2 is what I use for work-related stuff, and 4 is e-mail), so at first I thought of using that with a Firefox browser on one monitor and Chrome on the other.  I started to set that up then realized this seemed kind of silly and there might already be some separate program for the PC to use.  Looking into that, I tracked down Tweetdeck and got it set up to see both at once in a single Chrome window.

Funnily enough, I recognized the interface from a co-worker who must have been running it – I’d seen it several times before but never knew what it was.

With that out of the way, the last thing was who to follow.  I’ve never been big on social networking, and I mostly keep my work and online lives separate, as most folks here wouldn’t get the whole furry/otherkin thing.  While I’m still toying with this, at the moment I’m looking at following twitters of (mostly toku) fansub groups to catch new releases without having to check their blog semi-frequently, maybe a few furry artists, and I’m not sure beyond that.  I’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.

In other news, delayed art post is still delayed.  I’m waiting on the final piece back from an artist, and so far it looks like by the time that’ll happen I might actually have 3 things to post!  Wait… no, 2 things still, but mention of a third possibly.

Unsubbed from WoW again until the patch, since I’ve got my cloak on my kitty.  Once we get to patch day for 6.0.2, I’ll resub, but right now I got nothing to do there and I don’t need to spend money to not play it.  I’ve not been back in Diablo 3 either recently, or Shadowrun Returns.  The start of Dragonfall isn’t grabbing me as much as Dead Man’s Switch did – either that or it’s the change in characters.

Also spent a bit more money than I planned to this month thanks to the TFCC(Transformers Collector’s Club).  When I saw the TFSS(Transformers Subscription Service) set for this year, I’d thought they were neat, but I didn’t like the idea of using repaints for MTMTE Chromedome or Rewind, and Thrustinator was a cute idea but not one I wanted to spend on.  Well, once Chromedome started arriving and I saw some non-stock pics, it struck me just how well the Prime Wheeljack mold worked for him with that color layout.  There was plenty of personality there and it looked like a valid modern update for him – not to mention that if he was a candidate for TFCC it meant Hasbro had no near-future plans for him, so I ended up giving in and ordering him.

Having received it, I can say it lived up to the pictures.  I still don’t care for the TFSS Rewind though, so I got a G1 Rewind so CD-RW would be complete.  I couldn’t leave this version of Chromedome alone, especially since he just got Rewind back in the comics. Between him, Nightbeat, and the Legends figures, it seems I’ve got a small Lost Light detachment now sitting on my work desk.

Speaking of which, I’m still torn on what toy to use to represent MTMTE Rodimus.  The Cloud Rodimus is too big and expensive for my taste.  Animated Rodimus looks like it might be a nice match, but I’d have to get one off eBay.  Energon Rodimus doesn’t look a lot like his MTMTE counterpart, but I do already own him, and it would let me leave my Classics Rodimus with the ’86 Movie crew.

I also need a Ratchet for the Lost Light display, but looking through the possibilities I don’t see any that looks close to his counterpart, apart from the meh-ish Universe mold.  Same reason I’m tempted to get a second Cyclonus, but I don’t know if I want to spend the money just so I can have one in the ’86 movie crew and in the Lost Light crew.  I’ve also eyed RTS Perceptor, though I have yet to pick him up.  Most of the other big names, I already have, though I’m not sure what to do about Magnus.

I think I’ll leave it at that for now.  Until next time!

Happy birthday Transformers!

On Sept 17, 1984 the first episodes of what would become an ongoing franchise of cartoons, movies, comics, and toys aired its first episodes.  While the comics were technically already out, it was the cartoon that really kicked off the sensation that carries on to this day.

I don’t think I watched it myself back then, as I don’t recall watching much until after the second or third season had started.  I’d come home from school, plop myself in front of the TV, and watch GI Joe and Transformers back to back inw aht I thought was an awesome hour of TV(except when baseball pre-empted it).

I saw another blog today that was looking to celebrate the 30 years of Transformers by exploring a toy from his collection for each year over the next 30 days.  I like the idea but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up wiht it with the other stuff I got going on, but ti got me thinking.  Is that something I’d be able to do too?  The G2 stuff is likely where I’d be missing “years” but I figure why not try and see if I can match that – do I have one from each year?

  • 1984 – I’ll go with Ratchet.  I actually got one at a garage sale at my grandparents when I was young, and I still have it somewhere, though he’s missing a bunch of accessories, and the rear treads on his sled were broken and glued back together since then.
  • 1985 – Powerglide!  One of my first two or three Transformers.  Since then he’s lost a tailfin/foot, and the pins on his wings kept trying to slide out, but I’ve still got that red jet with an ego twice his size packed away somewhere.
  • 1986 – Blurr this time.  I got him around the same time as Powerglide, though his head broke off and got lost when I was young, so I treated him like a headmaster.  I eventually got a replacement, but the shield clip broke.  I’ve still got that one however, packed away somewhere
  • 1987 – Nosecone and the Technobots!  I got a Nosecone but the arm broke off, so I got a second one later.  I also got an Afterburner, but he got stolen by a so-called friend.  I always liked these futuristic vehicles, and kept drooling over Strafe, so later on in College when I got back into collecting I got a replacement Afterburner and completed the team!
  • 1988 – Quake the double Targetmaster.  This guy has aged better than some of my other examples above, with no real damage in all the time I had him.  The only Targetmaster I got until much later, just like Hosehead was my only Headmaster for a long time.
  • 1989 – Pretender Bumblebee – My first toy of Bumblebee, which I thought was a big deal since he was such a big character back then, relatively.  He also looked a lot like his cartoon model for the time.  I wanted the Jazz too, but never got ahold of it
  • 1990 – Construction Patrol – I got this for Easter I think, but by this time I was drifting away from Transformers some, towards TMNT.  Part of that was because I didn’t “get” Action Masters at the time.
  • 1991 – The first year I don’t have anything for.  This was one of the Euro-only years, while the line went into hibernation int eh US and Japan
  • 1992 – Skyquake – Years later I found this through a fansite selling figures, pretty much intact.  This was before eBay really took off so I jumped at the chance for a huge decepticon with all these missilebombs he could drop, and it was Euro-only!
  • 1993 – Another year I don’t have anything.  I saw the G2 toon and saw a few in stores, but I never got any of them while they were fresh.
  • 1994 – Same as 1993 I’m afraid, but from what I see this should be the last fallow year.
  • 1995 – Space Case – Years later I fell in love with the idea of forward-swept wings, and heard about the cyberjets having awesome articulation.  I zeroed in on Space Case having too gaudy a paint job that it would work as a good base for a custom character I named Slipstream(no relation to the fem Decepticon).  After I bought it while I was waiting to get started, I grew attached to the figure as-is and the repaint never happened.
  • 1996 – Wolfang – Actually got the Japanese version, long after the initial release.  While I had a fan character called Foxfire based off this mold, I never entertained actual thoughts of repainting him.
  • 1997 – Airrazor – My first new Transformer since G1. I’d been catching Beast Wars when I could, and I happened to spot her on the pegs at a store I was at.  Didn’t even wait to get home before opening the package, since I had to wait at the post office a bit that day.
  • 1998 – Transmetal 2 Cheetor – My second BW toy ever, which I got as a gift.  Just because you’re a teen doesn’t mean you can’t still ask for toys as gifts!
  • 1999 – Tigerhawk – Another one bought for me.  I thought the design was really neat, besides the nature of the character himself
  • 2000 – Mach Alert – My first new vehicle transformer, imported fresh from Japan when everyone was going “OMG VEHICLES” at Car Robots, and when we had no idea it would be brought over.  He’s still my favorite of the Car Bros.
  • 2001  – BM Rattrap – I just had to get this one because he was supposed to be the size of a live rat, like Supreme Cheetor was housecat-sized
  • 2002 – Minicons. I realize I’m cheating a bit but I can’t name a specific one.  Minicons however were a return to Micromasters, and would let me populate my Metroplex and Brave Maximus for a real Autobot City!
  • 2003 – Unicron – Finally the big bad from 1986 had a figure of his own!  Sure it wasn’t exactly like G1, but it was close enough(and still is).
  • 2004 – Energon Rodimus – Again going back to my like for S3 G1, we finally had a Rodimus Prime again, even though they never called him that Stateside.
  • 2005 – Energon Galvatron – Just like Rodimus, except this also looked like that old Decepticon Lunatic more than any other figure to date.in design and deco, apart from a few concessions to the gunship mode
  • 2006 – Primus – Just liek Unicron,w e now had a Cybertron for him to consume, only it also transformed into a version of the Transformer’s creator!  It didn’t look much like the images from the old G1 UK comics though, sadly.
  • 2007 – Movie Optimus Prime – While not accurate to the movie, the first movie since 1986(and live action) it was a good Optimus on its own.
  • 2008 – Universe Cyclonus – The popularity of Classics let us get a lot more of these “updated” G1 figures, and Cyclonus gave us a proper representation of Galvatron’s lieutenant
  • 2009 – Animated Arcee – Even though it was the tail end of the line, it was the first ever official Arcee based on her G1 car mode, and my stand-in until the new one comes out later this year.
  • 2010 – PCC Leadfoot – The Power Core Combiner was an odd concept that borrowed from Energon Prime, but this one was neat in that it was a former G2 character who hadn’t been used in ages, with a gun that also became an engine.
  • 2011 – Generations Kup – This slot was reserved for Classics Kup.  Another of the 1986 Autobot cars, though he wasn’t a futuristic pickup anymore, he looked recognizably like himself. This was also part of the Generations revival that has continued through today, and into the foreseeable future.
  • 2012 – FoC Shockwave – Even though it’s based on the game and doesn’t turn into a gun, this was to me the most accurate Shockwave thus far, and still has a place on my desk at home.  I pretty much bypassed Prime in favor of Generations, and this was one of the FoC figured I felt worked fine with other classic-styled figures, even if it was a bit small.
  • 2013 – Generations Springer – This was one of the best figures of the year in that it not only has a good implementation of triple-changing, but at the same time looks like it leaped right out the pages of the IDW comic book. A bit large due to his size class, but very satisfying.
  • 2014 – Rhinox – I gotta give this one to the big lug, as we finally had a figure for him that looks like him in both modes, and even transforms kind of like the show.

So short a few years in G2, which had a few new molds(which I got some of as repaints were released later) but a lot of repaints, I was able to come up with something for every year, though a couple there wasn’t much that spoke to me as far as listing it went.

I had something else as well originally intended to be added to this post art-wise, but due to recent developments while I was putting the above list together, I’m going to hold off on that for now.  Until next time!

Worlds of Whimsy #1 – Free Traders Universe

Well, what do ya know!  I didn’t notice until I was going to write this that this was going to be the 50th post, but that’s a rather auspicious start.

Anyways, I’ve noticed lately I haven’t had much to write about, as life is continuing on without major changes, I haven’t had any grand ideas to ponder, and art’s pretty much on hold pending the new reference sheet.  It just so happens I was pondering a world design mixing up dragons with Star Trek and maybe Spelljammer and Shadowrun, and it hit me that I tend to do this on and off sometimes.  I’ll come up with this grand new idea of r a world or timeline or something, maybe start to write a story(or even finish it!) and then end up dropping it.  I don’t really want to be a GM so the only way I can really bring them to life usually would be via story or art.  Art usually isn’t that great for something like this without a bunch of it(which would get rather expensive) and with writing I’ve found I tend to work best with short stories, and I would need a strong story idea to get myself to finish it.

Then it hit me that I could put them out here!  Write out these fancy ideas and flesh them out, and while I may not be able to give them life, maybe someone else later will come along and build off that in their home games, and make it live!

I’m actually torn on what to show off for the first posting though.  I think I’ll start off with one of my more recent world-building attempts, although techncially I suppose it’s actually a couple worlds.

The Free Traders Universe

This was actually the setting(s) for an aborted story series based in the Spelljammer ruleset and setting.  It was supposed to follow the adventure of a small 4-man crew of a spelljamming vessel. They were rather unique though, especially a couple of them that I basically had to (or wanted to) create their own worlds because of them.  First, the ship!

Lazy Sue

4xStandard room = 2 tons
Helm room = 1 tons
Galley = .5
basic Engineering = 1.5 tons
5 tons + cargo
10% rigging
10% frame

12 tons
9.6 tons internal
4.6 tons cargo

Heavy Frame – Dark Wood
Dark Woof Hull
Pyre Iron plating
Pyre Iron piercing ram

Maneuver C
AC 25
hardness 12
345 HP


I never got as far as making deck plans apart from a general idea of what was where.  She was crewed thoguh as I said by four folk:

The Captain was a standard womanizing rogueish half-elf.  Nothing special at first, though more may have been revealed later.

The navigator was a dragonwrought kobold, giving them a mini-dragon on the crew.  She likewise wasn’t supposed to harbor much in the way of dark secrets, but had been doing this a while at the start. Her homeworld would have been based in the Council of Wyrms setting.

The weapons master on the other hand was one of those two special cases.  He was basically a warforged in game terms, but he was ultimately a proxy Transformer.  So, one of the few worlds I somewhat fleshed out is:

Forged Homeworld
(Cybertron of Universal Stream Draconix 313.16 Iota)

The history of this world mirrors the Primax 984.17 Alpha(G1 cartoon) history, after a fashion, given the presence of magic.  Forged were created to be warriors, like Eberron, and laborers.  The countries that gave birth to them however went to war with one another, and practically destroyed the planet.  The Forged finished the job, and left, their creators and their entire homeworld having been seemingly lost.  They started blaming one another and the war-restarted among the stars, with the Forged taking sides in part based upon their old loyalties, while others left to find their own way.  The other spelljamming races don’t look at the “out-of-control machines” with kindness, needless to say, though their reception could be anywhere from a cool neutral stance, to outright jailing, which would have been a plot point at one of the worlds they would have visited.


The artificer and ship’s engineer was the newbie, and the initial audiance perspective member.  She was also rather out of the ordinary, in that she was a felitaur.  In other words, like a centaur except her lower half was fully feline and her upper half was a humanized feline, in typical furry fasion.  Similar to chakats, but without being a herm or any of the baggage that term brings.

I didn’t flesh out her world much, other than it was a Realms-like world, but with more taurs and fewer bipeds.

I did put some thought into the first part of their story, which I originally planned to be from the Transforged’s PoV.


This world was intended to borrow from a mix of La Gias(SRW), Panzer World Galient, and Turn A Gundam.  The world itself was meant to parallel the Forged homeworld just before its final war, except instead of self-aware mechanoids they’d uncovered ancient giant piloted mecha and tried to copy it with their magitek technology.  The Lazy Sue would have been seized to be used in their war, but the Transforged character would have broken the “PCs” out and helped them escape onto their next stop.


The next stop would have been the Council of Wyrms setting, and there would have been little change if any.  The story would have been told form the kobold’s PoV as she had run away form this world, and was now returning to it, though not entirely of her own accord.

There would have been one more intermediate stop, likely at a space station equivalent, before returning around to the taur’s PoV and their final destination.  I didn’t get far enough along to flesh out this world either, other than the story here would play with a plot along the lines of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” from Star Trek, mixed with a quarantined planet and a dying or dead Spacejammer.

I lost interest as I was trying to start the second chapter, and as no one else seemed really interested either, I let it die at that point and moved on.  I’d still like to plat a Draconix stream Cybertronian at some point, if a GM will let me though.


The next entry will probably also be a revival of an old story setting, but unlike this, it’ll be a single world as such.  Like this setting, I only got one story and the start of another written before I lost the thread of the story, though it was more I knew what I wanted in the ending but couldn’t see a good way to get there.

Also, as a reassurance this isn’t replacing any other ideas I might write about.  This will simply be something else I write about or for now and then in addition to posts about art, life, philosophy, and so on.

Botcon Hasbro Toy Panel Thoughts

Just a quick little thing, now that the Hasbro panel is done and all the reveals are out.

DO WANT tier:

  • Arcee – That is SO G1 Arcee.  Animated Arcee is so replaced.
  • Brainstorm – He looks so perfect I don’t feel a need to get the original figure anymore.  Also HEADMASTER!
  • Powerglide – Perfect representation of one fo the first TFs I ever owned.  First Tailgate, now Powerglide.  Thanks Hasbro!
  • More combiners in 2015 – WTB a new Computron!

Kinda want tier:

  • Bombshell – Looks like I’ll need to get Shrapnel now, especially since Kickback is also on their list
  • More Hasbro MPs – Kinda iffy on these since I got my G2 Sideswipe MP already, and I don’t have a strong attachment to the 84-85 guys, but they are good toys.
  • Leader Megs – Looks like a perfect G1 almost, apart from turning into a tank

Everything else revealed is pretty much pass for me right now.  Still the WANT is strong with this group.  I might actually have to do some preorders depending on how distribution works.

Now back to waiting…

Wind Wizards and Minibots

And of course when I look back at this it’s the start of next month.  Well, every couple of weeks works just as well I guess.  It’s just harder to keep it up when I don’t have anything special going on or anything fancy to ponder.

Art-wise, nothing’s really changed.  Still waiting for commissions to open up with DragonLovers, and the one adult pic I had in the works is still in the works, though I’ve gotten prelim sketches and it’s been restarted at least once cause the artist didn’t think he was giving the picture proper justice on his first concept.

In general lifewise, life is happening.  Work’s reorganizing a bit again, and a couple people left as well, but nothing too crazy.  Waiting for the confirmation on something I’m expecting, then I’ll have to start actively househunting again, but that’s nothing different than I said last post.  Some of my dragoness and I’s mutual friends are noticing we’re a couple now, though we’ve not exactly gone to lengths to hide it.  We’ve also not exactly been flaunting it, so *shrug*.

Main thing here I guess is D3.  In my last post I was still leveling, but now I’m a little ways into the endgame, and it’s a bit more interesting than the old play through all the same quests again, with the new bounties and rifts.  Also amusingly enough, I apparently started it again the same time several others at my office did.  I know one of them not too long ago was saying he probably wouldn’t go back, and now he’s playing again.

Remember how I said that the Wizard didn’t play much like my wind druid?  With a few tweaks to skill selection, it turns out it can play almost exactly like that, only without Hurricane damage.  Basically, I’m using the Piercing Orb and Stormchaser Energy Twister as my main attacks, and then using Chill Armor for the slow to cover for Hurricane, while keeping the electric Hydra and Mirror Image cause I like those abilities.  So far since I switched to it and got used to it, this Lightning-based build has gotten me to Paragon 43 and Torment 1, though stuff takes a while to die.  So far, gear hasn’t cooperated too much in terms of getting me higher DPS, but hoping that Torment will fix that a bit.  Legendaries have dropped several times, but only for ring or weapon so far. Apart from a couple set drops since moving to Torment, all my other legs have been crafted.

Other than that, I started a Crusader in Hardcore just to toy around with the class, but my real second character is gonna depend on what my dragoness is playing.  It’s in our plans for some point in the future, but hasn’t come around yet.

Also finished all my Transformer buying for a bit.  After being on the lookout since March, I was able to snag Swerve locally, and after seeing the new Cosmos in person I grabbed that too.  Since Swerve was the last thing I was waiting on at BBTS I canceled my preorder and shipped Tailgate and G2 Sideswipe, and I got lucky and snagged a MP Grimlock from the TRU site in the 12 hours or so it was up before it sold out.  With those, I’m all caught up until Rattrap’s wave comes out, which is probably going to be later in the year, since the movie line always derails the momentum of anything else until it’s over.

It’s funny… I snagged several from the first movie line, a few from the second, almost nothing from the third, and this time I only got one(Scorn) and might get a second(Strafe).  There’s just something about the design aesthetic that, while it was interesting the first time, and maybe the second, now it just doesn’t really interest me.  Ah well, it’s good for my wallet!

Post-Toyfair roundup

Well we didn’t see quite as much as we’d hoped, but on the other hand, there were a couple real surprises.

For one, Hasbro is finally officially recognizing it’s adult fanbase!  In the investor panel, they specifically called out their marketing strategy as Rescue Bots for the very young, the mainline figures for up through age 12, and then Generations for the “18+ Boys.”  Yes, that was their exact wording on the latter.

What this means is that while the mainline toys are going to be very simplified, the former mainline figures that we’ve traditionally had with the complicated transformations will all be sticking around in Generations.  Essentially, besides the legacy(currently IDW) characters there’ll be a line of the new movie figures under the generations Label with all the usual bells and whistles we older folk have come to expect, but because of the labeling the younger tykes won’t be getting frustrated by them.  From personal experience, even though I’ve dealt with both their transformations twice, the difference between Scoop and Skids is like Night and Day.  I wouldn’t want to see a kid having to try to deal with Skid’s transformation when they’re trying to do a quick transform “mid-battle.”

Setting that aside, it looks like my wallet is still fairly safe from the movie year.  Most of the designs I still don’t care for, as I’ve been kinda burned out on the movie aesthetic.  Mostly I was just interested in Strafe who went from a techno-jet with two huge cannons to a dinosaur thing with two heads; Slash who is a tealish raptor that I’m kinda iffy on, Scorn who is a red spinosaurus who’s started to grow on me a little, and Crosshairs because of the twin gun mojo and trenchcoat, though that one depends on how he comes out in the movie.

As for the rest:

  • Legends are not canceled, despite rumors to the contrary!  So, still waiting on Swerve and Tailgate.  Probably giving Gears a pass, and undecided on Shrapnel.
  • On the deluxe side, I’m sold on Nightbeat now that he’s on the Bumblebee mold.  I don’t have that mold and it’s fairly fitting.  Jhiaxus I don’t care for the color scheme on, so I may wait until I see what he looks like Cheets-ed up into his G2 color scheme, and if it looks good I may send it off to get repainted.  Rattrap is as bought as he ever was, and Windblade is leaning towards no.  I’m waiting on better pictures for a permanent decision on that, but I don’t like how the robot legs are glaringly robot legs on the back of her vehicle mode, even though they could feasibly be boosters.  Oh and G1 car Arcee that we haven’t seen yet!
  • On the Ultra side, Roadbuster is bought.  Whirl needs his Wrecker partner-in-crime after all!  Skybyte is sort-of bought, but I want to see better pictures, or see it in person first.  It looks very dynamic, but the way the head jumps out in a different color is kind of off-putting.  No sign of Brainstorm.
  • As far as Leaders, I’m still passing on Jetfire because I already have the older Classics version, and I don’t care for the toy-based vehicle mode for a Skyfire design. No sign of Megatron yet.
  • And under the category of surprise returning guests, the Masterpiece Grimlock is coming out again stateside!  Hopefully this time I’ll actually catch it in stores.

That’s pretty much it until SDCC or Botcon.  The Generations line is supposed to have 73 figures this year, as opposed to 53 last year, but now it’s got to include the “real” movie figures so we’ll see what’s in store for us in the latter part of the year.

It’s that time of year…

It’s Valentine’s Day again, or as a lot of folks in my position know it, Singles Awareness Day!  Not sure if it’s a backronym or not(as it can be written as S.A.D.) but it amuses me enough as it is.  The day when you either spend extra to show someone how you feel about them, or are reminded you don’t have anyone, whether you care about that fact or not.  Oh, and cheap chocolates the day after!

Yep, this dragon is still flying solo at the moment.  Have been for nearing two and a half years, but I did have almost a three year gap in the past as well once before.  My hobbies just aren’t as conducive to meeting people as bar-hopping and clubbing, but neither of those is my scene.  As people have pointed out in the past, chances are if you meet someone at a bar, they tend to be the type to go to bars, and if you aren’t that may not work out so well(unless you’re just cruising for a bedwarmer, which I don’t do).

Honestly, I hadn’t even really thought about it (outside of S.A.D., and the occasional thought about what life might be like 50 years from now if nothing changes) until my emotions decided to jump up and thwack me on the head a few weeks ago.  Just because you may not be actively looking however, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your eyes open for a glint of hidden gold.  In this case however, as I said my hobbies meant that chances are lower since there’s not a steady stream of new people of the female persuasion going in and out of my life.

I have to admit I started actively looking again, but without throwing a huge amount of effort behind it.  My initial tries were checking out the furry community as they tend to be a bit more accepting of… alternate beliefs, but it’s almost scary how many young folk are on there and how few there are my age.  I also had been excluding single mothers, as I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to be(even a surrogate) father, but that also seems to be a disproportionate amount of single furs my age that seem potentially worthwhile.

Well, we’ll see if we find someone worthy of this dragon, hopefully sooner rather than later.

And speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is US Toy Fair, which means- TRANSFORMERS!  We’ll get to see a preview of what’s coming for the toyline(s) over the next half-year(or more) and given the leaked list of coming toys, there’s still a lot we’re all waiting with bated breath to see.  For me personally, I’m waiting to see if the Jhiaxus figure is going to be in RiD colors or G2 colors, and what Arcee, Brainstorm, Roadbuster, and Gnaw look like.

I’m really hoping that Brainstorm is a headmaster, as we’ve only had two since G1, and both of those were in the Unicron trilogy.  Gnaw I’m hoping is a (fairly) faithful recreation of the original Sharkticon design so I can have one on my desk without having to worry about it getting damaged by co-workers messing with it.  Roadbuster is a character I’ve not been overly fond of, but with Whirl and Springer, I need him to add to my Wreckers group.  Arcee, if it’s the G1 version, I just want for my future 1986 movie display.  The animated one works okay, but the proportions are slightly off compared to the CHUG designs. The movie designs on the other hand I’ve not been overly fond of, so I’ll likely be saving a bunch of money thanks to that this year.

I think I’ll leave it at that for now.  I do have more arts to show, but I’ve got another one on the way(as far as I know) so I’ll wait a bit longer and see if I can do a double feature or not.  After all, what’s better than bloo dragun other than MOAR DRAGUN!!11