The snow never stops!

The snow’s been crazy this year, compared to what it’s been.  As soon as it starts to go away, another storm blows through and drops more on us!  It’s like the weather rolled back to the 90s or something.

Nothing much else been going on.  Seems like there was a bunch of furry drama that blew up FA, which is kind of old news now, but it got me to get my FA and Weasyl stuff up-to-date.  So far though seems like all the artists I watch have tried to stay clear of it and have just been posting stuff to both sites.  In fact, I found out an artist that had been on my list was possibly open, but she hasn’t responded yet.  Then again, with how big her backlog is, I’m not too surprised.  From what I can tell she hasn’t really been on in over a week, so at this point I’m just being patient, and if I do see an art update from her without any response, I’ll send a polite follow-up to see if the lack of response is a “no” or a “needs more info” or simply a “forgot about it.”

On the other side of the coin I’m caught up in writing again, though this’ll be a shorter story – only 2 parts, if I even break it up into parts this time.  In this case it was a combination of a mental image I wanted to put down on “paper”(and I can’t draw worth crap IMO) and the opportunity to finally write a scene I’d been itching to write for ages.  And neither of the scenes are adult, funnily enough!

….and I just brain farted an idea that’s either crazy or awesome(or both): MLP Trombe.  I blame SL and the proliferation of pony avatars therein.

Anyways, the story is over half done.  I just need to figure out armaments, write the space battle, then wrap it up with the “victory dance.”  I’ve got a feeling I know how it’s going to work out, but I have to write it to see.

Funnily enough, there’s almost no dragons around usually at IoW, just tinies, and lately I’ve seen an influx of ponies.  Where have all the dragons gone? *insert “I need a hero” montage*

Oh, and gamer Luna is best pony. 😛

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