So last night I got ahold of the Transmetropolitan comic.  Once I started reading it, I had to keep reading, just to see what would happen, as well as a few other reasons.

For one, I sort of feel we’re in this sort of world already these days, minus all the “Posthuman” and “transhumanism” portions of the setting.  Maybe it’s just me being cynical, but then again, the entire comic is one big cyncical story, with a small grain of home buried in it.  Only difference is we don’t have very many “Spider Jeruselem”s in the real world.  There’s been a couple lately, but they’ve been strung up, villified, or had to flee their own country.  It doesn’t help that most of the mass media doesn’t seem to care to take a stand for the truth anymore, either.

Setting aside how we’re sliding into this/Cyberpunk 2020/Shadowrun without magic, another great detail was, well, all the detail in every scene. It seemed like on half the city street scenes I’d have to pause in reading just to look over the entire scene for all the little details and hidden jokes.

One thing I did find funny(though it probably was the correct choice) was the lack of a lot of non-human humans wandering around.  The foglets showed up quite a bit, and the transients based on the “Greys” were a major story focus for a couple arcs, but apart form a couple wolf cameos and a Temp-ing dolphin girl, there was no sign of any furries running around.  (No, I’m not including the police dogs or non-anthro horse, as they aren’t on a humanoid body plan.)  The furry community grew majorly with the internet, and you know that given the option there would probably be a large portion Temp-ing into a anthro animal for at least a while(and given the way the Transmetropoliton world works, dedicated brothels of women gone furry) though it does make sense they may still be heavily outnumbered by normal-looking humans.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  For a no-prize level explanation, perhaps it was because the majority of the story is spent among the lower levels of society, who can’t afford changes like that.

A friend back in college recommended it to me, commenting on that it had to be good to start with “Up a goddamn mountain.”   Still, I somehow never got around to reading it before now, and then I ended up staying up until 3am reading.  Now I just wonder why I never got around to reading it before now.

Shame there’s probably no good way to make a movie out of it ala Sin City.  And the world needs more Spider Jerusalems(though maybe with a bit less asshole-ness).

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