Wind Wizards and Minibots

And of course when I look back at this it’s the start of next month.  Well, every couple of weeks works just as well I guess.  It’s just harder to keep it up when I don’t have anything special going on or anything fancy to ponder.

Art-wise, nothing’s really changed.  Still waiting for commissions to open up with DragonLovers, and the one adult pic I had in the works is still in the works, though I’ve gotten prelim sketches and it’s been restarted at least once cause the artist didn’t think he was giving the picture proper justice on his first concept.

In general lifewise, life is happening.  Work’s reorganizing a bit again, and a couple people left as well, but nothing too crazy.  Waiting for the confirmation on something I’m expecting, then I’ll have to start actively househunting again, but that’s nothing different than I said last post.  Some of my dragoness and I’s mutual friends are noticing we’re a couple now, though we’ve not exactly gone to lengths to hide it.  We’ve also not exactly been flaunting it, so *shrug*.

Main thing here I guess is D3.  In my last post I was still leveling, but now I’m a little ways into the endgame, and it’s a bit more interesting than the old play through all the same quests again, with the new bounties and rifts.  Also amusingly enough, I apparently started it again the same time several others at my office did.  I know one of them not too long ago was saying he probably wouldn’t go back, and now he’s playing again.

Remember how I said that the Wizard didn’t play much like my wind druid?  With a few tweaks to skill selection, it turns out it can play almost exactly like that, only without Hurricane damage.  Basically, I’m using the Piercing Orb and Stormchaser Energy Twister as my main attacks, and then using Chill Armor for the slow to cover for Hurricane, while keeping the electric Hydra and Mirror Image cause I like those abilities.  So far since I switched to it and got used to it, this Lightning-based build has gotten me to Paragon 43 and Torment 1, though stuff takes a while to die.  So far, gear hasn’t cooperated too much in terms of getting me higher DPS, but hoping that Torment will fix that a bit.  Legendaries have dropped several times, but only for ring or weapon so far. Apart from a couple set drops since moving to Torment, all my other legs have been crafted.

Other than that, I started a Crusader in Hardcore just to toy around with the class, but my real second character is gonna depend on what my dragoness is playing.  It’s in our plans for some point in the future, but hasn’t come around yet.

Also finished all my Transformer buying for a bit.  After being on the lookout since March, I was able to snag Swerve locally, and after seeing the new Cosmos in person I grabbed that too.  Since Swerve was the last thing I was waiting on at BBTS I canceled my preorder and shipped Tailgate and G2 Sideswipe, and I got lucky and snagged a MP Grimlock from the TRU site in the 12 hours or so it was up before it sold out.  With those, I’m all caught up until Rattrap’s wave comes out, which is probably going to be later in the year, since the movie line always derails the momentum of anything else until it’s over.

It’s funny… I snagged several from the first movie line, a few from the second, almost nothing from the third, and this time I only got one(Scorn) and might get a second(Strafe).  There’s just something about the design aesthetic that, while it was interesting the first time, and maybe the second, now it just doesn’t really interest me.  Ah well, it’s good for my wallet!

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